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Taurion Troubleshooting Guide

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Follow the steps below if you have trouble running Taurion.

Antivirus and Firewalls

Your antivirus or firewall software could block Taurion from connecting to the network.

Check your antivirus and firewall software for port blocking or for if it has restricted Taurion or Xaya. If so, create exceptions as appropriate. 

Set a User and Password for Xaya

You may need to set a user and password for Xaya.

  1. Copy “%appdata%\Xaya” and paste it into the Windows Explorer address bar. Press ENTER
  2. In that folder, create a text file called “xaya.conf”. Note it doesn’t have a TXT file extension, but rather a CONF file extension
  3. Open the file in a text editor and add in the following lines:
  4. Replace “user” and “password” with your own value. They can be anything
  5. Run the Xaya Electron wallet.
  6. Go to Settings > Advanced
  7. Enter the user and password you created in steps #3 and #4
  8. Restart the Electron wallet
  9. Run Taurion and click on SETTINGS > Connections
  10. Add in the user and password from above

Run as Administrator

You may need to run Taurion as an administrator if after a while in the main menu screen of Taurion the middle light/dot is not green (in the main menu screen at the top).

To do so, right-click on the icon to run Taurion then choose “Run as administrator” from the context menu. 

Other Troubleshooting Steps

If you just upgraded but can’t sync...

  1. Delete the chain in the Electron wallet. To do so, click the Settings tab then the DELETE CHAIN button
  2. Install the Electron wallet again
  3. During the install when prompted to download the chain, choose YES

If you have:

  • Weird txs with minus confirmations OR 
  • Are stuck on 0 confirmations OR
  • It says insufficient balance in game (even though you should have some in your game wallet)

Currently the easiest way to fix this is to either leave it to automatically rebroadcast the tx, which can be a random amount of time.

Or you can run the Xaya QT wallet with the options -wallet=game.dat then delete all the 0 confirmation transactions in the Transactions screen. Next, close down the QT wallet and run it with -wallet=game.dat -rescan.

If you are on a laptop and it crashes as soon as it finishes loading, and you have a gaming GPU…

Right-click and run with “nvidia geforce …” or something similar, so it does not try to run the game with the integrated GPU.

Also, in the Taurion Settings, on the Video tab, change some settings to lower specs, e.g. to LOW.

Email not registered when claiming free pack, but it is?

First, make certain that you registered on the website or simply register again here (make certain to confirm your email address in the confirmation email that will be sent to you):


Next, run Taurion then in the splash screen enter your email and desired username in the right-side claim box (see screenshot below). Click CLAIM then wait a minute or so for your name to appear in the SELECT drop down menu. Check it every 30 seconds or so to see if it has arrived. Select your name to begin playing. 


Still have email problems...

If you've registered at the website, and still can't claim your free starter pack, contact us directly for support in Discord or Telegram. (See links below.)

Contact us in Discord or Telegram for other assistance.




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