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Simone Faré

More tracked games on a xayad node

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I'm still getting used to XAYA environment so i'm probably missing something, but I can't understand what...

Is it possibile to track more than a game on a xayad node?

I added a game on the node with the RPC

xaya-cli trackedgames add mygame

Done that, ZMQ notifications like game-block-attack json mygame started flowing down correctly.

I could also see moves after

xaya-cli -rpcuser=user -rpcpassword=password -regtest name_update "p/cymon" '{"g":{"mygame":{"m":"moving"}}}'

Problem is, if I add a second game

xaya-cli tracked games add secondgame

And try a move

xaya-cli -rpcuser=user -rpcpassword=password -regtest name_update "p/cymon" '{"g":{"secondgame":{"m":"movemove"}}}'

I see the move still on a game-block-attack json mygame notification.

I thought that the only needed configuration for a correct notification flow was turning up the tracking on the node and match the gameID in the g JSON node...

I'm working just in regtest for now, is it possible that the test environment is not able to manage more games?


Thanks for the support!



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Hm, that sounds strange.  Xaya Core should certainly support tracking more than one game, and in your situation, the second move should come with game-block-attach json secondgame.  There's also a regtest that verifies exactly this, IIRC.  So it "should" work.  If it doesn't, then please open an issue on our Github.

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