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(Has been finished)QT purse the secret key of export and import

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Warning: please be sure to backup the original purse (game. Dat) (vault. Dat) (default wallet).
Don't trust to a stranger remote or agent operation (must know the meaning of steps)
Can try to scan before operation command (rescan)

Case: applicable case (balance does not display or cannot be used)
QT wallet has three wallet file:
     (game. Dat) (vault. Dat) (default wallet)

The default address    C:\Users\.....\AppData\Roaming\xaya
Need to use the command: unlock password (walletpassphrase)
                                                 To scan (- rescan)
                                                 The private key export (dumpprivkey)
                                                 The private key import (importprivkey)
                                                List the unused output (listunspent)

Steps: 1, to confirm that have backup wallet.
             2, lost balance confirmation place purse ((game. Dat) (vault. Dat) (default wallet).)
             3, open the wallet QT choose file > open my wallet, "choose disappear balance wallet. FIG. 3
             4, QT wallet decryption corner options wallet "balance of the purse.FIG. 3
             5, May disappear, find balance of address:
                                   (1) find the transaction records through explorer website (recommended).

                                  (2, through the QT wallet "send" inputs (need to set the output control option) FIG. 1 FIG. 2
                                   (3, choose QT wallet "window" the console using the command listunspent (confirm the upper left corner of the                                                      purse)FIG. 4           FIG. 5       FIG. 6 
           6, in the console operation: if encryption, decryption, please (walletpassphrase < password > < time >)
           7, in the console operation: the private key export (dumpprivkey public address)  FIG. 7
           8, (1, in the upper left corner to choose another purse in the console (recommended)) (2) close the wallet, delete the old purse,                              reopen the QT, open a new purse)
          9, in the console operation: the private key import (importprivkey < > of the private key) step 7 to save the private key. After import                        automatically rescanning blocks, waiting for complete. FIG. 8
         10, the balance should be shown correctly. Check whether use.


FIG. 1


FIG. 2


FIG. 3


FIG. 4


FIG. 5


FIG. 6


FIG. 7


FIG. 8


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