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(Has been resolved)XAYA taurion (Unreal Engine 4 collapse)

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Case: I didn't do the operation, just a normal game. Collapse in select user name after entering map, fast refresh unit crashed, I think this must be the problem of my computer environment.
My efforts: DirectX repair and reinstall, c + + repair and reinstall, delete the game ontology reshipment, gameplay (full screen window resolution is the default setting).
The ultimate solution: I'll be back after reshipment system.(invalid)

Just I meet these interesting things, so want to share you.😭

Finally settled through discordapp channel share files covering.


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Hmmmm, I think it would be smart to release also Debug Build too, because this Crash Log has not enough information to understand, what is going on. Do you have enough RAM memory? (more then 3GB at least?)

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16 hours ago, RyuMaster Gorskov said:

嗯,我认为发布Debug Build也很聪明,因为这个Crash Log没有足够的信息来理解,发生了什么。你有足够的RAM内存吗?(至少3GB以上?)

Thank you for your attention to reply, I think I should is the result of the new version released debugging. WindowsNoEditorv6 (version) you can use?
Can't it should not my problem, because I after reshipment system problem remains. (this computer before playing the game without problems) memory is enough. 8 g

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