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Starting on Xaya

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Hey all,

may I ask you for some help and give me an introduction to Xaya Wallet.

I downloaded the wallet already but I do not know what to do with it and I do not know how to play games (which I am most interested in).

I do not own chi yet, as I am not allowed to trade on liquid.

Do I need CHI to even start playing?



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Posted (edited)

You can buy chi with btc or eth from https://bitmesh.com/ with just an email for signup (but, as always, be aware of counterparty risk and keep your coins in your own wallet).  The only game out so far is treat fighter: https://www.trickyfast.com/treatfighter/

You can play it but it is currently between beta versions afaik as the devs fix bugs, so not sure how many players there are right now. You'll only need like 10 chi to try it.

Some other useful links:




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In the support section of this forum, you can find a lot of valuable help regarding the wallet, f.e. here: https://forum.xaya.io/topic/238-how-to-and-video-help/

There is also the Xaya Wiki page, which might help with your first steps with the wallet: https://github.com/xaya/xaya_tutorials/wiki/Electron-Help

If you have questions, just open a thread in the support section or use an existing one.

For playing games (there is only the one DarkClaw mentioned above for now) you need CHI in your wallet - in your game wallet to be precise. With those CHI, you pay for transaction fees and are able to buy the respective game currency. In the case of Treatfighter, you exchange some CHI for Crystals inside the game (just two clicks, don't worry) and can do various things with those Crystals.

For getting CHI to your wallet, you need to create an address within the wallet, where CHI can be sent. A tutorial on how to create an address can be found in the links above. Once you have created a CHI address, you can PM me your address and I can send you some CHI for testing. Maybe create a game wallet address first, so you don't have to send CHI from vault wallet to game wallet afterwards and can start playing directly. To switch between game and vault wallet, just use the dropdown menu on top of the wallet.

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