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Taurion - May 2019 Development Update


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Hello Hello.

Latest progress:

If you didn't see we are starting to release some of the Lore and backstory for Taurion:


Some more Taurion info here:




Backend Updates:

  • Create Mulitple Characters at once (instead of 1 at a time) - not implemented in front end yet.
  • Fame Computation
    • As well as kill tracking (global decentralised leaderboard [cannot be faked]), you receive fame for kills - sometimes.
    • The fame system works like so:
      • Your name/account starts with 100 fame points.
      • If you kill someone you take 100 of his fame points (unless he/she has 0 fame points because already killed)
        • you then have 200 fame points.
      • If you get to 1000 fame points you get to the next rank, e.g. Hunter Andy
      • If you get to 2000 fame points you get to the next rank, e.g. Slayer Andy
        • Once you are a slayer you can only get fame points from someone who is a hunter, slayer or the rank above.
      • You can only get fame points from someone with a rank the same, below or above.
      • Players with a high rank will find it difficult to get fame
      • Fame is only cosmetic - but it shows you are "pretty good" at killing.
      • It's possible but gets difficult the higher rank you are, to cheat and farm fame from alts.. but, this is all visible, so other players will know you are lame.
      • It may be the fame system is slightly altered so that you get more fame from someone of a higher rank and less from someone lower.
  • Attack Damage increased for start vehicles - so combat is faster for open alpha test/comp
    • Weapon 1 which has a range of 1 hex now does 5 to 30 dmg per block
    • Weapon 2 which has a range of 10 hex now does 1 to 20 dmg per block.
  • lots of unit tests etc etc done also.
  • Increase base Vehicle speeds to 3 hex per block.
  • Prizes when prospecting
    • for the upcoming Demo the follow prizes have been set (luck of the draw when prospecting):
      • Gold, 2 available, 1/100000 Chance
      • Silver, 50, 1/4000 Chance
      • Bronze, 2000, 1/100 chance
    • Prizes are still being decided on - may be chi or maybe in-game items.

Front End Updates

  • The New UI has been added to the Unreal frontend - still some tweaks to be added.
  • The chat system now works
    • Using XID with your human readible, cryptographically secure xaya account name, this will securely authenticate and log you on to the Xaya (temporary) XMPP server. This alone is worthy of being it's own project itself, and projects are actually running ICOs with this feature alone....
    • You will automatically join 2 channels Xaya and Taurion.
  • Buildings have been resized and foundation textures changed (these are not currently in the gamestate so are just cosmetic).
  • Each faction now has a unique starter vehicle (temp assets for now).
  • performance improvements and lots of other stuff added.
  • Music Tracks Added
  • Sound Effects for selection (familiar oldschool RTS...)

Check video here - excuse the names in the UI list - they have been transfered to their owners but are not yet filtered in the frontend. :)





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