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Taurion - April 2019 Development Update

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Hey guys and gals,

If you didn't see our previous update, check here 

(this thread will be locked, please create another thread).

All these changes are in the gamestate / consensus of all other players - fully decentralised and provably fair (no servers/p2p).

Update on Taurion Progress..


This is the backend changes (blockchain consensus gamestate etc) :

  • Implemented Regions
    • The near 70,000,000 tile map has now been split into near 700,000 regions (some of which are not accessible due to mountains/obstacles).
    • Regions will allow prospectors / explorers to prospect.
      • In the full game, regions can have Buildings, turrets, resources to mine and more



  • Implemented Prospecting into the gamestate
    • It's now possible to prospect regions
    • In the full game it will allow a player to prospect a region and after X amount of blocks they will discover:
      • Amount/type of minerals available for mining
      • Whether or not a building can be built there
      • a very rare chance of finding an ancient artefact
        • artefacts can be reverse engineered with a small chance of creating a "blueprint" that can be used for construction vehicles or equipment or other assets.
      • an untouched prospected region can be prospected again if left untouched for X amount of blocks.
    • In the current form it provides a random chance of 3 tier of prizes for an upcoming demo/test (more information coming soon).


  • Player Spawns changed
    • The 3 factions will now spawn away from each other, and spawn within an area of 100x100 hexes


  • Player Obstacles
    • Players can now not stack on top of other players.
    • If a player is moving and reaches another player he will stop.
      • if a player obstacle is in the way, but the player obstacle is moving (in another direction), the player will carry on when the path is clear (if this happens within 10 blocks).


  • Remove Character names
    • initially you could create a name (a xaya name) and then create characters (with names). But, we realized people are going to be controlling many characters and naming them will just turn into "dklfhsldfghsdlf". So characters are just id's under a name.


  • Kill Tracking System
    • Anyone taking part in a "kill" is tracked in the gamestate so that they receive prestige/fame points.
      • this will be expanded up at a later time and will be used in the demo/competition.


Front End Updates:

  • Regions as per previous have been added
  • Removed character names for creation
  • Improved performance
  • changed controls (more like standard games like  Total war in combat view etc)
  • add amount of chi you have in wallet
  • allow setting connection info in settings
  • Added a different vehicle for each faction (so there are 3 vehicles to tell them apart)


  • Implemented Placement of buildings
    • added a technique to place buildings on uneven ground (foundations do not have the correct textures and buildings will be bigger)
    • These are not in the gamestate/blockchain - yet



Other Art / Graphics

  • Initial UI Design is being skinned


  • Faction Logos





Website should be going live soon.

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