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Taurion, Development & Documentation Updates

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The XAYA team have been working night & day on development and we have some exciting progress updates for you.


"Project X" has finally earned a name: Taurion.


Taurion is a true blockchain game. It runs 100% on the blockchain, serverless and unstoppable. It incorporates the same type of play-2-earn gaming experience that we pioneered in 2013 with Huntercoin, i.e. Human Mining. 

Taurion will also incorporate Xaya ID (xid). Xaya ID is a dapp that allows secure, trustless chat and communication.

We're currently running Taurion on regtest and testnet. While it's not ready for the general public, you can find videos of different game-play elements in our first post on Taurion here. More information about the game, the backstory, and game mechanics is available at that link. 


1273004250_XAYAGitHubcommits.png.5d39b7ec948cab447664ef108e8ee04d.pngDevelopment is fast and furious. There are continual code commits all the time and you can see them for yourself in any of our GitHub repositories. Keep in mind that there are other private repositories that are continually being updated as well.

Some highlights include:


Xaya Id is a new addition. This dapp turns every XAYA name into a secure digital identity! While there are entire blockchains dedicated to just this 1 feature, on XAYA it's just a dapp, which should help illustrate just how powerful the XAYA platform is. 

However, more than just secure IDs, Xaya ID enables secure chat and communications through ejabbered, an enterprise quality solution for massively scalable communications through XMPP, MQTT and SIP. 

nsgminer & ccminer

For miners, we've released 2 repos.

Make sure to drop by our Mining forum for help if you need it.


Check out the Current Development Status thread for discussions and more information.


More documentation and tutorials are being added and improved all the time.

Check out the documentation and tutorials wiki here.


For both code and docs that you're interested in, make sure to keep your eye on when they were last updated because chances are the next time you look at them, we'll have added some great stuff or made some nice improvements.

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