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1315385724_XAYAdocumentationandtutorialswiki.thumb.png.99c57c939cca946d6d0eb4de3971c187.pngNew documentation and tutorials are available in our XAYA tutorial wiki.

The new material covers many different facets of the XAYA platform.

Developers who are new to blockchain technology can get up to speed quickly with a short primer. 

Developers who are already familiar with blockchain technology can get up to speed on XAYA quickly with several short primers on various topics.

Full source code tutorials are also available, including a Hello World example app and a Unity version of the Mover game included with libxayagame.

You can find it all here:



Simply put, XAYA massively empowers your game; it doesn't limit it. Even more, XAYA expands what is possible. Fully decentralised games don't need servers. That alone makes XAYA an incredible platform. 

But there's soooo much more goodness. Find out about some more benefits in our Medium blog here.

Then get started creating your own games!


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