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This is just a quick update on where we are at starting 2019:

Basic Initial Documentation for building on XAYA. This is currently slightly behind schedule by about a month. Ryan is currently rewriting the initial documentation for building games on top of https://github.com/xaya/libxayagame, which is made up from general technical info both for game dev on blockchain and game dev using the xaya library, and - getting-started tutorials for the C++ developers (using Daniels mover example), C# developers (using C# wrapper around  libxayagame and C# port of Daniels mover example), and additionally, C# Unity example which is essentially both front-end and back-end for the example mover game. Repo is currently private. He has also provided an example of the Mover basic game example and code. It is just a crude example and is meant to be ripped apart. Totally decentralised. screenshot for the Unity Demo:


We are hoping to have this documentation up in a week or 2.


As we have always tried to hammer down - XAYA is really designed for "REAL" proper games, not for simple asset storage kittie clones. From our experience and what we believe - there isn't a lot of purpose for using blockchain for gaming unless the game is totally decentralised and uses the blockchain as it should - because if you have to trust a 3rd party server you may as well not be using blockchain at all. Of course it does help with being able to trade items / assets. 

Soccer Manager Crypto. We have been working very closely with Soccer Manager to integrate their match engine  into a XAYA GSP which is now complete. There is still some way to go before a full world is running but we are hoping to have some form of closed beta before the end of January and you'll be able to apply for the closed beta soon (maybe in a couple of weeks). This has been also delayed for around a month. The Soccer Manager team have just released their single player version SM19 that has been in the top 5 Sport games on Google Play for a while with over 40k downloads a day. Building on from their success we expect SMC to be one of the best and most complex blockchain games created. 



The GSP (Game State Processor) will be completely opensource - although is currently being developed in a private repo.

Project X (dummy name). We have started development on our in house Game. Fully decentralised... we are keeping this one under wraps for a bit longer but we should have more public released details in the coming weeks. We have been planning and designing this for a couple of Months and we were hoping to release information then. The game is being developed on Unreal Engine.

Without giving too much information away - the best way to describe it would be a Mixture between these games:

  • CIV (Civilisation)
  • EVE Online
  • Dune 2
  • Huntercoin

Here is very early screenshots with some test assets  - 




as with SMC - This game will be totally opensource - (except the frontend - at least initially).

Treatfighter. Tricky Fast Studios are now working on fixing some hopefully final bugs for their implementation of their Treat Fighter Game onto XAYA. Tricky Fast have created a great example of what is possible with Blockchain Gaming. It's completely autonomous and decentralised and they did most of this with almost no help from us, no documentation and without the libraries we have now released. Although this means there have been more issues with game state forks than if they used what we have now, it has provided a great learning experience for ourselves and Tricky fast. 
It's probable they will be running another beta competition in the coming weeks before it's released fully.

Other Stuff.

As we do everything in house - we are working on graphics for project x, web design, stories / lore, game design, support, testing, planning and all the administrative tasks that come with it.

We are very passionate and enthusiastic about the project which means we'll always be here to make this a success - and as XAYA IS an opensource project we definitely welcome the help the community is putting into the project and we are always open to suggestions and ideas from you all.

Apologies if sometimes there is sometimes a lack of updates on where we are at - but rest assured we are going full blast :)

Happy New Year to you all and lets make this the good one :)



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Just a brief update here.,.

initial Documentation taking a lot longer than expected, but, it's pretty much done and is going through some sanity checks. It will be going up on github so the community can request changes etc.

Soccer Manager Crypto - slight delays on this to - private closed beta is due very shortly and the new site will be up for people to apply very soon. The game will be getting a name change :) Soccer Manager <XXXXXXXXXXXX>

ProjectX has been given a name and we'll be revealing that shortly. We have movement and basic combat implemented in the backend (GSP) and in a sort of test format in the front end which is all working.


We are really looking forward to releasing the details to the game - it's going to blow everything else out of the water..


XAYA is much more flexible that we have let on and the potential for decentralised applications that are orders of magnitude more complex than smart contracts on other platforms is massive. 

Stay Tuned :)


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Another update:

We are still working on "real" blockchain games at the moment, and they are coming.....


Soccer Manager Crypto > Soccer Manager Elite

We are still working with Soccer Manager to get out the beta. So unfortunately you still need to wait.

The game design has changed massively and it's going to be really exciting. It's also being rebranded - and the new name for the game is:

Soccer Manager Elite.

A bit of unreleased information - The Game will only allow up to 300 Managers of the teams... BUT... the game is still playable by 10000s+. We are hoping to get some information out how this works as soon as we are able. For now - patience is required :) 

There will be no other game like this.

ProjectX > Taurion

We've been working full blast on our in house full on MMO and more information can be found out about it here 


Please check it out. We are really excited about it (about playing it..) - So much information hasn't yet been released in that post but it's going to be amazing.


Tricky Fast are keeping everyone updated whilst working on UI fixes and are hoping for a release of the first blockchain game on XAYA. You can keep up to date on the Treat Fighter forum section.


We've finished the first implementation of XayaID. You can read the readme here > https://github.com/xaya/xid

In a nutshell - his allows for the creation of secure IDs on XAYA to login to websites, games, chat systems and more.

We have already implemented this into ejabard opensource XMPP server. https://www.ejabberd.im/

This will allow for secure real-time chat (and other things like trading and more..) in and out of games using your XayaID. It will also allow for encrypted end to end chat using Xaya's blockchain for security and human readable names along with the scalability of XMPP.

You will know that the person you are talking to IS that player and with encryption, your plotting and plannings won't be eaves dropped..

Group, faction, global chats.. ejabberd is used by large players in the gaming space, such as CCP for their chat system in Eve Online.


We've updated the XAYA Docs / Tutorials - > https://github.com/xaya/xaya_tutorials/wiki

Keep an eye on this thread for more updates.

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