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1) & 2)  Mobile wallets and Trezor support - I believe we need to have Electrum working (has a client and server(s). This is on the todo but we have been focusing on other stuff.

We'll discuss in our next meeting what we can put up for a bounty to get someone else to sort.


For paper wallet we have added a PR to this one but they have not added any for a long time. 


If someone wants they can host that themselves with the PR intergrated possibly.

There is also another one Daniel has done but I cannot currently find. Maybe he can link - i think it was this one and just needs to be hosted: http://bitaddress.org/


4) replace bitcoin - As we are keeping syncd up with upstream bitcoin as Daniel wrote on github it will make Daniel's job a lot harder. I replaced all visible to the end user references to bitcoin and namecoin but if there are more anyone can do a PR or if point them out I can sort.

On 12/27/2018 at 4:02 PM, sorji said:

suggest + bounty for setup mining pool top3

Yes, definitely want those pools setting up - and if we get more information on the 3 pools that are in development and the troubles they are having we can hopefully help sort.
We could probably do a bounty for the first working one?

We'll also look at adding some bounties for some first simple games to get people into the swing of things.

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