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75% of blocks are neoscrypt but sha diff is rising?

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I noticed the block-level and hourly sha hashrates diverging: http://xaya-gaming.net/

This is because the hourly level takes into account how many blocks are actually mined during that time, while block-level is based solely on the difficulty (there is no time to average over). But look at whats happening to the percentage of each block being mined (attached).

Did I read somewhere the expected ratio was supposed to change during this fork as well?



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# https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Difficulty
# Hashrate for difficulty 1 at one block per minute (MHash/s)
# hr1 = 1e-6*(2^32)/60
hr1 = 71.58279

neo_HR_target = neo_diff*hr1
sha_HR_target = sha_diff*hr1  
nBlocks_half = nBlocks_target/2
neo_HR_est   = neo_HR_target*(nBlocks*propNeo)/(nBlocks_half)
sha_HR_est   = sha_HR_target*(nBlocks*(1 - propNeo))/(nBlocks_half)

I think I found it. I'm calculating the hashrate like above. I think the problem is in the denominator for the HR_est. After block 440k, it  is now supposed to be 3/4 neo right, so the denominator is wrong?

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