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Treat Fighter Open Beta Competition - Side Event

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Earn up to 5,000 CHI in the combat competition
Winning. One of the best things in life! And this is your chance to win up to 5000 CHI or any of our other great prizes!

The Combatant Combatants Open Competition runs for two weeks from November 19. The rules are simple:

Download the new compilation of the competition that will be published on November 19
Play your best to win the highest prestige and rank yourself in the leaderboard
Okay, well, "WIN!" Not really a rule, but you get the idea. Other rules and conditions are below.

Treat Fighter will restart on November 19, and you should use the download of the competition that will be posted when the competition begins. A reboot means that all previous progress before November 19 will be lost: all items, candy, and scores will be gone. This puts everyone on an equal footing, where no one has an advantage over anyone. In a word, this makes competition fair.

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