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Mining Xaya with SimpleMining


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  • Centaur

Hello, i would like mine CHI with SimpleMining, can you help me with the configuration?

I used this setting, but don't work, this is result:

Waiting for IP address from your DHCP server...OK Rig local IP:, name: 2x_W5700 Waiting for all GPUs...OK Start mining OC GPU0 core:1200 MHz mem:875 MHz uv: mV memuv: mV memciuv: mV OC GPU1 core:1200 MHz mem:875 MHz uv: mV memuv: mV memciuv: mV Running miner: sgminer-fancyIX-v0.7.5 Options: -k neoscrypt-xaya -o stratum+tcp://eu.bsod.pw:2534 -u Cdf8bmVisLbweG2yN44xVwFx8VX5ByScbZ -p x 0[07:29:49] Started sgminer 0.7.5-0 [07:29:49] * using Jansson 2.11/root/xminer.sh: line 189: 7207 Segmentation fault ${minerSudo} /root/miner/${MINER_PKG_NAME}/${MINER_FILE} ${MINER_OPTIONS_GO} Miner ended or crashed. Restarting miner in 30 seconds... Rebooting... (GPU problem detected). Check crash logs. Possible cause: Too much undervolt, overclock or broken riser. Please add to miner options in order to see stats: --api-listen (or wait if miner is just starting)
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