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XAYA Electron Wallet refuses to synchronize

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Hey guys! 

I've been a somewhat occasional user of the XAYA blockchain through the XAYA Electron Wallet for some months now. A couple weeks ago, however, something awful started: My wallet was suddenly in this state: 


Or well, it was an other version (1.0.2 I believe), so I decided to update it and, well, the same thing just stayed on the screen. So I decided to do what usually fixes my problems: wait some time and then come back to suddenly find it fixed! But guess what, that didn't work this time!

So I did quite some stuff, some with support and guidance from XAYA's Telegram people: I tried restarting the pc, uninstalling XAYA partially (no appdata clearance) and entirely (with appdata clearance). Installing other versions also didn't help. I have 2 antivirus programs on my computer i know of:

___Malwarebytes & Windows Defender____

I shut Malwarebytes down and tried turning off all relevant settings I could find on windows defender. Ty Kiwanuka's conclusion was that it may very well be something related to my antivirus stuff, but I really don't know what else I could turn off or on or whatever is needed...

So I hope you guys may have an idea on what to do, because I really got no idea anymore. I would really like to keep using XAYA and its wonderous components.

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