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XAYA CHI Sale Over - Distribution...

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Hello Everyone.

Firstly - from ALL the team -  Thank you for all those that have contributed in the many different ways that you have for the project up until now.

It's been a very exhausting journey... sleepless nights, very long hours and filled with stress :)

But we are finally here and we cannot wait to dedicate all of our time onto the project as opposed to running a "coin sale". We have done almost everything in house, we have also gotten this far without any VCs which is an accomplishment in itself compared to all other projects. We will, of course,  be looking at expanding our company - Autonomous Worlds Ltd in the near future.


These are the final numbers:

Coins Sold etc


Coin Distribution



We are now distributing coins.

Private Sale Coins have been sent (bar 1 or 2 people)

Pre-sale Coins are being distributed this week for those that have provided addresses.

Huntercoin Snapshot this week or week beginning 29th, for those that had coins on Poloniex, you will need to wait for them to allow withdrawal.. We are in touch with them and it looks like they will honour the original promise to allow Poloniex users to redeem their CHI.

Airdrop, Bounties, Growth Engine and the rest will be next week (29th) or the week after.

Listing on Liquid - we have been told this week.


We want to get the coins sent out ASAP, more than those that are owed coins, so please note that we are doing this as fast as we can. The process is delicate and not trivial. 


Thank you again :)

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Pre-sale coins have been distributed to those who have supplied an address - there are still many participants that have not provided an address at this point in time.

The next batch of presale participants (who provide an address from now on) will receive their coins in around 2 weeks.


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Here's the processed data for the HUC snapshot (based on rounding down to full HUCs and then giving 0.23338 CHI per full HUC). 
It also includes the HUC and CHI addresses, so people can find their HUC address and look up which CHI address we'll send the coins to.


The total HUC airdrop supply (4.5% of 77303932 CHI) is 3478677

This was computed (and can be checked / recomputed) using the script in:



A blog post will be created for those that need help claiming their CHI from the snapshot... for those that know what they are doing, they can:

from huntercoin-qt console or huntercoin-cli
dumprivkey <HUC address that had the coins at the snapshot>

go to here (you can download if scared) https://xaya.io/downloads/Huntercoin_tool.html

enter the private key and convert it to a CHI version.

then in xaya-qt console or using xaya-cli (with electron or xayad running in the background)
importprivkey <converted key>

you will need to do a rescan if one is not done automatically, and then your coins will be visible.
you should then do a backup (or send coins to an address that was previously backed-up from that address.. )

again, we will make a more comprehensive guide for this asap.

Poloniex are working on the snapshot for those that had it in the exchange.

more sophisticated users could use this python script created by Daniel - https://github.com/xaya/xaya/blob/master/contrib/xaya/huc-snapshot/claimSnapshot.py


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There was also an airdrop for 120k ish coins to Liquid users who had Qash.

This uses up the bounty campaign and reserved 250k pretty much. but we'll report on this in detail in the near future.

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Unsold coins have been burnt (or burned)

xaya-cli gettxoutsetinfo


txID> f79b55965de852b41673e279c36b6386df25feca8dd649dd5d48c79db7b26296

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All coins have now been distributed except a few that have not claimed the presale.

There are now more Bounty coins left due to people not providing addresses before the 6th of December.

These could total 500k (but we are working on the exact numbers).

If so,  these will be for additional bounties - such as the growth engine will continue for  at least 2 months with 100k CHI per month rewards.

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