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  • Minotaur

Assuming you are using windows.

Open file explorer and in the address bar type %appdata%/xaya
hit enter.


This is the folder where the .cookie file normally is.
Make a new txt file and rename it xaya.conf (no .txt at the end).
Open the file with a normal text editor and put in these 2 lines


save and close the file.


Now, make sure everything related to xaya is no longer running. Including background services.
To make 100% sure you can open a command prompt and type
taskkill /IM xaya* /F

You should see one of these 2 responses:



Now launch the wallet again and enter the user and password like so:


Scroll down and hit SUBMIT SETTINGS.
Restart the wallet.

You now no longer need to get the .cookie file.
Don't forget to change the user and password in your miner too!

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