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Taurion Treasure Hunt #2 is starting soon!

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The time is coming for the next alpha testing Taurion Treasure Hunt Competition. But this time around, we’ve added a lot more game features for you to explore and win prizes with. These are the main game mechanics you’ll be using (all still fully decentralised):

  • Prospecting
  • Mining
  • Resources
  • Inventory
  • Banking assets
  • Theft / Combat

In the last competition you only needed to prospect, but now you’ll also need to mine resources then transport them to a “banking zone” to secure them. However, while you’re transporting resources you’ll need to defend yourself against other players because we’ve added in theft now. Conversely, you can attack other players and steal their cargo contents.

Also, the 3 Houses all have different vehicles with different stats and different weapons. Some are faster while others are tougher. The choice is up to you.

Read more about prizes and gameplay here:




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