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Large amount of temporary files created by Xaya Electron version 1.2.4

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Last Xaya Electron version 1.2.4 for Windows creates hundreds of thousands of files under the folder AppData/Local/Temp .
These files have names as in the following format:  xid.exe.MachineName.user.log.INFO.date.number; are betwenn 1kb and 3kb in size, and are text files that contain error messages such as "No PendingMoveProcessor has been set, disabling pending moves in the ZMQ subscriber" and other kind of error messages as well.
Deleting these files from the disk takes a lot of time since there are thousands and thousands of them.
This is when using Xaya for mining, but probably also happens when playing. So it seems like logging all kinds of error messages is enabled by default (not sure if there is an option to disable this on the configuration file).
Could you please remove the creation of these files in the following version. It did not happen in the previous version.
Many thanks.

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