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  1. 解决办法:将私钥导入新钱包,再次自动扫描,完全可以显示和控制,(原始钱包肯定有问题,不显示此问题地址金额且无法使用) HI xaya我想提交一个xaya钱包使用。 Case description: 1/use XAYA - Electron mass create account G/game. Game wallet balance change address and balance won't display in the wallet, cannot show sent to this change address of record. You can find it on the web browser. The attached address https://explorer.xaya.io/address/CdJ586r1jCnGF5P5p4yq8LHVCyiUw7C1Ty 2/Xaya - qt wallet can export change address to the private key and normal send records, but can't show the balance in the amount of available. (using the rescanning wallet no effect) I'm prepared to change the address to the private key imported into a new purse, solve the problem, but it is right. I don't understand I have private key, but not be able to use the balance. (link: https://explorer.xaya.io/address/CdJ586r1jCnGF5P5p4yq8LHVCyiUw7C1Ty) explorer.xaya.io/address/CdJ586…
  2. Someone was asking in Telegram about wallet file compatibility, i.e. Can I use a Windows XAYA Electron wallet.dat file in another OS or with the XAYA QT wallet? Yes. The wallet.dat file is simply a file with a specific file format. It can be used on Windows, Linux, and OS X (Mac) in the Electron or QT wallet software. Here are 2 screenshots showing the balance of the same wallet.dat file on Windows with the XAYA Electron wallet and on Linux Ubuntu with the XAYA QT wallet software.
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