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Found 2 results

  1. Secure Authentication with XAYA ID https://medium.com/@XAYA/secure-authentication-with-xaya-id-eb2079ab7969 Say good-bye to centralised authentication systems thanks to XAYA ID (XID). The XID dapp is a decentralised secure authentication system running on the XAYA blockchain. Centralised authentication systems are always vulnerable to attack, and when an attacker succeeds, they get every single user in the centralised database. The website HaveIBeenPwned.com lists over 8 billion compromised accounts from countless compromised websites. It’s not uncommon for a single security breach to yield millions or tens of millions of email addresses and account information to hackers. Read more at our Medium blog here: https://medium.com/@XAYA/secure-authentication-with-xaya-id-eb2079ab7969 ### Many projects specialise in this and have raised millions in the last year. The Xaya team originally built this in 2013 and it's now a Xaya Dapp.
  2. Ladies and gentlemen of the Xaya forum... 'Peace be with you'. XAYA DEFENSE AGAINST A 51% ATTACK? This Knight just read the following news article on Bitcoin.com https://news.bitcoin.com/bittrex-to-delist-bitcoin-gold-over-51-attack/ The article discusses the delisting of Bitcoin Gold by Bittrex due to a 51% attack. The article goes on to say that a number of exchanges lost funds in the attack, resulting in a total loss of $18M USD. The questions which this Knight has for the hardworking Xaya team are: What will we be doing to minimise the risk of 51% attack happening to us? What should us investors be doing to minimize the damage if it does? 'Thank you' in advance for your reassurance and general recommendations. I am... SirKnight ?
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