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  1. Fuck Jodons. Really. I mean it. I hate them. Lionis is the fiery 8th plane of Hell and Jodies are the demons that infest the place. Still, it’s rather sad how they got stuck with being sent there. The place is a hellhole of a planet. I’m glad I live here and not on Lionis, even if there were no Jodies there. The spin axis and speed of rotation of Lionis is just “perfect”. Perfect so that 1 side of the planet perpetually faces its sun, Ayre. The other side of the planet is in perpetual darkness. “Perfect.” Just more religious bollocks the Jodies push in their stupid holotainment propaganda. Consequently that trash heap of a planet has its habitable zone running in a thin band around it. How messed up is that? I’m certain that light has played a big part in how they’ve “evolved” or devolved as the case may be. I’m glad we didn’t get dumped there for eternity. I saw one fellow ranting on in a holovid that the magneto-lava pools actually made Jodons better and stronger people! Then he linked to some conspiracy stuff about how the magnetic fields around the lava pools on Lionis forced greater moral evolution in Jodies. Some garbage about magnetism and brain chemistry. Bullshit. They’re animals and everyone knows it. Forget their heavy engineering accomplishments, they’ve become a sort of feral human. Don’t get me wrong. Some of the beaches look nice, and there are nice “twilight” zones for honeymooners, but there’s no way to get there anyways, so who cares? Besides, those places are still stagnant in perpetually the same so-called “natural” lighting conditions. I saw on the news about some Jodon cult town suddenly going mad en masse and slaughtering each other. Weird. That disappeared from the solarnet pretty fast, but I managed to save a copy. But that reminds me of that yet another one of those stories from the back side of the planet, in the darkness, that one village, I forget the name of it. One of those mushroom eater places. Those buggers were mad too. Rumours have it that there was a cannibal cult there and nobody tried to stop it. There are lots of conspiracy sites out there that get into it pretty deep. I saw one about Baron Vostok performing some kind of occult ritual and sacrificing and eating his own newborn child! I couldn’t finish reading as it was pretty sick. Who knows if the rumours are true though? I’m not making excuses for Baron Vostok. He’s an absolute, bloodthirsty bastard, but who would seriously do that? Unbelievable. If true, they need to get rid of that. I don’t know how they live knowing that at any time they might be sacrificed by their very own friends and family! Bizarre. I’ll never understand them. Eat the weak? Feed the strong? They’re nuts. And 3 of their top 10 holotainment shows are arena battles. Animals actually die there and they cheer it on! Forget that sometimes people get eaten or ripped to shreds. Those shows top the charts and go viral on solarnet. “Moral evolution” my ass. They’re predators pure and simple. Seriously, fuck Jodies. That’s what happens there. And as for those conspiracy theories, I think the magneto-lava pools do have something to do with their moral compass, but not like most Jodies think. That Lionis is in any way “natural” for humans? It’s not! God, I can’t wait to finish training, get to Taurion, and smoke some of those scumbags. Who cares if half of the top 10 holotainment programs are Jodonite. Fuck ‘em. ### A rant post on Xayanet by RainSerpent425 from Verdis. ### Find out how you can get to Taurion at https://taurion.io/. ### Want to know more about the benefits of blockchain for gaming? Visit https://xaya.io Join the conversation: https://twitter.com/XAYA_tech https://www.facebook.com/XAYAtech/ https://t.me/xaya_en https://medium.com/@XAYA/taurion-f-jodons-969db51bf9af
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