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  1. Yes Mike you did reply at telegram. Thank you. Hope that Treat Fighter would be compatible to 32 bit soon.
  2. Does Treat Fighter is this compatible for 32 bit
  3. Thank you for assisting me. Its all good now. Electron wallet for 32 bit is working fine now at my end. Thanks a lot guys.
  4. here what I see and type in search app And here what I see when I click local disk C
  5. But if this is folder option here is the screenshot of my folder. Where the option for "show hidden files" is already active.
  6. I can't see it in my Internet explorer where in this screenshot.
  7. Where I can see this tyKiwanuka that menu you have given and is there a english version of this? Is this download folder?
  8. How? What to do to see those files?
  9. what are my steps to follow. I don't know what to do
  10. Hi! as i download the first release of electron wallet for 32bit it was successful and done encrypting and back both wallet. But when i re-open it that prompt appear and it doesn't synchronize.
  11. Hi, I downloaded the new wallet 1.0.3 for 32 Bit. I have this prompt and it doesn't synchronise. Is it fine to have to wallet. QT and Electron wallet?
  12. Thanks. I don't have plan to invest in cryptominingfarm. I mean is something like that in the video as an example. where it is easy to do. Simple encoding for client and mining is done for clients or members, most specially to people like me who don't have background in program. I know for you guys what you are saying is easy to understand because you already been there and already done it. Where for me who doesn't have a background in program its a big question mark. But really thanks a lot been clear that mining is impossible to have on my end and have a added CHI before the main sale comes. I think all I have to do now is wait for the distribution of token. Thanks for the time DarkClaw.
  13. Besides of exclusiveness to member of course it is paid. Actually I don't have any idea how mining work and I came across to this video as I became more curious about mining and I thought this is how solo mining works in XAYA How I wish they can develop like this. Where for the hashpower is paid and where the company will be paid for the use of the service. Not possible. The issue is you need NVIDIA hardware, which (obviously) cannot be downloaded. I thought it is software because I seen this link https://download.cnet.com/nVidia-Graphics-Driver-Windows-Vista-32-bit-Windows-7-32-bit-Windows-8-32-bit/3000-2108_4-10630932.html hahaha.... thank you very much DarkClaw very much appreciated for the answers.
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