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  1. Most people here, I presume, also bought into the ICO for speculative purposes. So if you sell now you free up capital but you risk missing out on potential profits when prices rise and buying back in at a higher price (or lower). Make sure you understand what you're doing.
  2. Sounds very interesting. Groundbreaking stuff. But just to see if I'm getting this right, it will be safe to say that this will be a very competitive envoirement unmatched in previous games and less focussed on the leisure part of gaming and more like a real world simulator? The aim here is to make money as opposed to other soccer manager games which are played with the aim of entertainment (doesn't mean it can't be entertaining ofcourse)? So it becomes more like a virtual profession? I suppose it all depends on how players will value the teams, soccer players and managers.
  3. How do they get away with KYC being optional? Is it untill a certain amount that you don't have to KYC? It's pretty important ofcourse that the exchange is legit, not fraudulent in any way concerning new users that enter. I'm sure the more seasoned players are well aware of the risks and how to deal with them. I think you can still get on Binance for free if you show a quality project. Not sure how much you have to bend to CZs will for it though. Team has to apply for this, can't be done by community members.
  4. I see it as a long term investment too but this project has had a large reward for bounties and bounty hunters like to dump quickly to get paid (not sure why really, holding is probably more profitable in the long run). Besides that, the orderbook is paper thin. You could marketbuy it up with just a few grand and cause a +50% spike in the price. I also noticed liquid won't let you set out of range bids, so I can't for example set sell orders for 1 BTC, only within current trading range, thought that would be worth mentioning. But yeah as DarkClaw says, the price is a bit illusive right now as there's not enough liquidity for it to really mean anything. I guess some advice for any future investments you make in crypto is to DCA, I already learned this lesson the hard way on another coin. When there's a relatively large bounty its best to not pour all the money in directly at ICO but to wait for an exchange listing and buy the bounty dump so to speak. Concerning adoption, the project has a mainnet released and already has a rather large game(SM) signed up and I think a few more under NDA, so if there was a ranking for ''shit done'' XAYA would probably rank itself in the top 5%. Also, it would not be the smartest thing to start a large marketing campaign just to please investors as its a huge money drain. Most coins don't really take of untill months after their ICO. Take HOLO for example which is quickly climbing right now on CMC, it took from around may to just about january this year for it to start pumping, that's a good 6-7 months or something? Bull market was a little different because there was a good amount of buyers willing to FOMO into something. Things are a tad slower now. It's best to just wait for Soccer Manager and take it from there. General sentiment in the market is that people want to see some real stuff, some real adoption, some real utility and that's still lacking with a lot of projects. People want to speculate on something that has some tangible results. But prepare to be waiting for what seems like an eternity, I know we all want to see some juicy price action.
  5. Xanthus

    Liquid Exchange

    I agree KYC is very ridiculous. I have no reason trust these parties to safeguard my personal information. Lawmakers want to know exactly who you are and what you're doing so they can steal all your money trough taxes but seldom do they care about your safety. Even if that's one of their arguments. But you'll have to suck it up for now. I'm not sure if blockchain even with it's decentralized nature can ever truely escape the claws of the taxman. It's best to do KYC as quick as possible, in case it gets really busy and you have to wait days for it to verify only to find out it's sold out.
  6. Maybe its best to send Snailbrain or another admin a PM regarding this.
  7. XAYA is unique blockchain and doesn't have an ERC-20 token. The Mainnet is live already and all coins are tied to the mainnet. Only the name changed.
  8. Where can I download treatfighter exactly?
  9. I went ahead and changed the datadir away from the default settings. Wallet works now.
  10. After taking the wallet back to default settings (I couldn't find an .orv file) the same problem occurs again. Should I again change the Datadir? The only time the wallet has worked since this issue came up is after I changed the datadir and installed the new wallet version. Now that I changed the settings back to default the same problem is occurring.
  11. Downloading the new wallet worked thanks, setting the settings to default is the same as removing any customized settings in Advanced? i.e. the new wallet still has the newly selected file path from overriding the datadir.
  12. I Can't find it in that folder.
  13. I don't see any file called debug.log in that folder.
  14. I did the Datadir override but the problem is still the same.
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