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  1. tnx you . and can you tell me how i can do this ?
  2. д Добрый день , столкнулся вот с такой вот проблемой ... не подключается клиент Обновил до 1.1.1(а) всё равно не помогло .
  3. guys, the blocks are completed, and the 4th round tokens never came, do you have to wait?
  4. Thank you very much guys! Thanks for the good answers! Only the progress of the blocks is now moving for a long time, probably it should be)
  5. Guys, I'm a little confused. Help please, I downloaded and installed a new version of the wallet. How does the wallet understand that this is my profile? What data should I have, I had a backup copy and so on.
  6. just download the new version from the site?
  7. доброый день , мой кошелёк не может завершить процесс блоков
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