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  1. Bitcoin rising. Soccer Manager in Beta. What more could a Knight ask for. Nice timing gentlemen. Have just signed up for the Beta and looking forward to it. Good luck to all of us. But more importantly, good luck to my teams. SirKnight.
  2. The Steem promotions continue and this time it is Xaya sponsored. Steemit warhorse @originalworks has put forth an original writing challenge asking - 'How will Xaya change the world of gaming?' There is 1,150 in Steem prizes up for grabs. The full post by @originalworks along with the contest entry requirements can be found here. https://steemit.com/crypto/@originalworks/1150-steem-sponsored-writing-contest-xaya Should you choose to enter - Good Luck! I am... SirKnight.
  3. This is definitely reassuring domob and this Knight thanks you for your response. The GitHub link you provided (triple-purpose mining) is highly informative and has answered a couple more minor uncertainties too. One day and 9 hours to go - the excitement is building! And it appears to be a great time to pick up some BTC in anticipation. SirKnight ?
  4. Ladies and gentlemen of the Xaya forum... 'Peace be with you'. XAYA DEFENSE AGAINST A 51% ATTACK? This Knight just read the following news article on Bitcoin.com https://news.bitcoin.com/bittrex-to-delist-bitcoin-gold-over-51-attack/ The article discusses the delisting of Bitcoin Gold by Bittrex due to a 51% attack. The article goes on to say that a number of exchanges lost funds in the attack, resulting in a total loss of $18M USD. The questions which this Knight has for the hardworking Xaya team are: What will we be doing to minimise the risk of 51% attack happening to us? What should us investors be doing to minimize the damage if it does? 'Thank you' in advance for your reassurance and general recommendations. I am... SirKnight ?
  5. Hi @shrimp2whales - you should speak to @grow-pro. Tell him @sirknight sent you.
  6. Dear Xaya enthusiasts, As mentioned previously, a couple of zealous Xaya activists have begun a grand campaign for 'Xaya promotion' on Steemit. We seek to enlighten Steemians as to the tremendous potential of this little known gaming blockchain, which is about to take the world by storm. This campaign will be sure to continue throughout the main sale and beyond. For your information, this Knight has included a link to the latest post here. https://steemit.com/xaya/@xaya/xaya-public-token-sale-to-begin-september-7-2018-still-time-to-earn-rewards Please note that this campaign is not being officially run by the hardworking and surprisingly good-looking Xaya team. And whilst much care and passion will be going into this promotional material - you should not rely on this information. Instead you should contact the real team. I am... SirKnight!
  7. A link to a recent article prepared by @grow-pro on the Steem blockchain below. https://steemit.com/gaming/@dream24hours/blockchain-gaming-xaya-a-real-gaming-game-changer Grow-pro will be posting on the @xaya account (the unofficial Xaya promotion account on Steemit) soon. Be sure to drop any images here you wish to have included in promotion posts. I am... SirKnight.
  8. If you are still in a giving mood Xaya Founder Snailbrain - this Knight will take some CHI too. CJaiSPWRT3jtMu4hKLQgnqoSAyHWoGXmia
  9. The STEEM promotion has begun. https://steemit.com/xaya/@xaya/xaya-chimaera-rebranding-and-mainnet-launch 1680 up-votes! Looks like @xaya is off to a good start. I am... SirKnight.
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