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  1. ah ok, but it was not connecting with the blockchain... after 2 hours I shut it down. (4 times the time syncing the chain) Thanks for the discord link.
  2. Update few hours later... Repeated the proces till wallet sync: After that deleted the chain in settings: Resumed process in the video and rebooted PC before wallet. Now the wallet is connecting, being recognized, unlocked and resyncing. Hope this helps if somebody experiences the same. Greetz John
  3. Hello, My PC crashed so I'm trying to restore my vault and game wallet on a different PC according to the steps above. After replacing and renaming the wallet files (1.4.1. synced wallet) I'm getting the following messages after restarting the wallet: "chat stderr" and sometimes flashed trying to connect to port. This is running for about 1 hour now. (Already the 2nd time I repeated the whole process after deleting the wallet + app data) Is this normal it takes such a long time? Or is something else going wrong? Thanks, gr John
  4. Congratz on being live. May the force be with you! chi1qclrzapatnr23s72zck77nxtm0k7wt6ltyls8w9 edit: not sure if upper adres is correct, this one is electron; CTuYLchCSsKDe5yraproU4dsr1e5HuHTkJ (vault) CUe81t1hHwxzzkD5VXJEE3XdhAw4piXjFx (gaming)
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