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  1. PLAYING AND CRYPTOMINATING What Xaya represents within the Blockchain is already clear and has been explained in detail by its followers and by the administrators of the fabulous BlockChain gaming platform itself. With Xaya the way to generate Cryptoactives is easy, fast, safe and fun, because just by playing you get such benefits of digital mining within the cryptography of the Blockchain and its platforms. WITH XAYA CRYPTOACTIVE GAMES AND PLAYS: IT'S EASY!
  2. CJ2i82G3CkYTPsi58gULFon82wqg9NxUzY it is created with all the indications. I hope it works. Thank you
  3. Now should I create a new address? or any of the above can be useful? Thank you for your assistance.
  4. Ready, I followed your instructions, now I'm on main net.
  5. what label should I use to create my wallet address? I must create the address with the wallet blocked or unlocked
  6. cUTqxtebjyM32uS1gKiimKXQtanbPoZbSF I will try with this ... I followed all the steps of the tutorial and the guide ... I do not understand what went wrong ... : '(
  7. ce9S5Ldnm4TNWQgH3wGZKdtahUBbtvx9Yw Hello friends...
  8. Being the first within the chain of blocks, with a large community of people, from different countries and with many qualities, the incursion of @steemchurch within the XAYA platform would be possible. Some time ago @Sirknight leader and founder of Steemchurch and all its active and functional projects, published an article about what Steemchurch could be within the Quimaera platform, now XAYA, and all the benefits and advantages that can be obtained from it.From a futuristic point of view and set within the limits of virtual reality of XAYA, imagine the @Farms Project as a virtual reality game within the interactive and digital platform of XAYA, where there can be a set of farms where each article Within the structure of the game can be exchanged, sold or managed as it was a real activity and then these income can be changed to cryptocurrencies that serve to finance real projects and so many farms in the world can be self-sustaining and this thanks to the blockchain technology; this only as an example of what would be the exploration and incursion of Steemchurch as a community within XAYA. From another perspective, many other XAYA applications could be conceived as a Blockchain development platform for Steemchurch, as well as the integration of community activities that can be integrated in order to obtain the best possible use of these technologies and that would only expand the blessings and Steemchurch's plans as a Church.
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