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  1. good morning guys, any more concrete forecast for launch day? saying that it is at the end of the month is very vague. I need to make a one-off investment.
  2. naldowork

    Pick your party!

    let's go...
  3. This happens to me too ...
  4. could in the next update come with the option to close the recipes we do not want to not pollute the screen with useless things.
  5. Is there an official xaya explorer already?
  6. I usually expect to sync the wallet and then open the game. but that day I opened the two simultaneously and that was when the warning appeared.
  7. 15k or more, was not my case, I think this question was answered. thank you very much.
  8. Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but how do I know if I participated in the private sale? Could you check for min, please?
  9. How do I get my chi? I bought in March sale.
  10. would you have some tutorial for advanced mode? I installed the QT and now I want to install the ELECTRON without losing my wallet and my CHIs.
  11. I have the QT wallet installed in the PC, can I install the wallet electron or have some maneuver to not lose my CHIs that is in the QT?
  12. can i install the two wallets electron and qt?
  13. now it will work: CTdxsqxu3wGUQgFxyE8YAELs6YqQVo2wkw
  14. Synchronizing... TypeError: Failed to fetch Block Progression: 0/0 CONSOLE: EXCEPTION: St13runtime_error BerkeleyBatch: Can't open database wallet.dat (duplicates fileid 6c0f00000000f001bb3a2e020000000000000000 from wallet.dat) C:\Program Files\Xaya\resources\daemon\xayad.exe in AppInit()
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