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  1. naldowork

    [POLL] Tell us about YOU!

    eu az gamer e traider
  2. naldowork

    Pick your party!

    let's go...
  3. naldowork

    Bug Reports

    This happens to me too ...
  4. naldowork


    could in the next update come with the option to close the recipes we do not want to not pollute the screen with useless things.
  5. naldowork

    official xaya explorer

    explorer froze
  6. naldowork

    How much do you spend on games per year?

  7. naldowork

    official xaya explorer

    ok thanks
  8. naldowork

    official xaya explorer

    Is there an official xaya explorer already?
  9. naldowork

    Bug Reports

    I usually expect to sync the wallet and then open the game. but that day I opened the two simultaneously and that was when the warning appeared.
  10. naldowork

    receive the coins

    15k or more, was not my case, I think this question was answered. thank you very much.
  11. naldowork

    receive the coins

    Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but how do I know if I participated in the private sale? Could you check for min, please?
  12. naldowork

    Bug Reports

  13. naldowork

    receive the coins

    How do I get my chi? I bought in March sale.