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  1. CQhCnmZgQ1efBZzvgCe3Z6u5FmPSr2RPUG sorry not to sure what happened there
  2. if anyone wants to hire a pro gamer I know the best in moba,rts and fps gamers to higher, I also am for hire to play with your CHI at a 2:1 rate of what I make you, I am one of the few that can beat the open ai/hivemind
  3. Hey I am Mike, aka foerest aka weaponZ aka 404limit, I been pro level in over 5 esport games and the biggest winner in huntercoin I used to be a partner on twitch.tv/ifoerest (currently banned for sleeping on stream 3 month ban lul) top 100 in counterstrike (yah i cheated 1 day when i found out esea was mining bitcoin with my computer this is all legit) my esports accomplishments goes on, looking to go pro on some xaya games like I did in hunter coin Hai guys
  4. I would like to join the beta test if possible
  5. I hope in the future wars will be faught on counterstrike or something, then NA and EU has a chance
  6. in fact I am sure there is more people playing pubg and dota2 then there is playing soccer atm
  7. esports is only growing and esports betting as well, the future sports all lead to video games, people are winning scholarships for school because of blizzard and mlg https://heroesofthestorm.com/en-us/blog/21464986/ Computer games will replace traditional sports in the next 100 years
  8. i peak at 3000 live viewers in 2015 been pretty inactive since, but still got many friends I could introduce to xaya and hopefully get them live streaming it if they see they can make income
  9. I would like to stream some xaya games, I am banned atm for sleeping on stream but I got some friends I could approach about streaming xaya games if you want to dm me
  10. https://www.faceit.com/ https://play.esea.net/ http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/ make stat tracking quite easy is there a future to hook up with some of these companies? blizzard or steam would be hugh #gaben
  11. I think esports betting with chi would attract a lot of players and betters, "I WON 1000 CHI = 1 bitcoin" IN A MATCH ON XAYA PLAYING LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, imagine the headlines "Grubby wins 3 bitcoin/3000 chi in warcraft 3 match" "Slemmy wins 3 bitcoin/3000 chi in a cs:go match" "Foerest wins 5 bitcoin/5000 chi in a hots match" something with a leader board drives pro players to compete and soar higher, so many smurf accounts are made to try again in cs:go/overwatch
  12. any plans to use like overwatch or pubg websites with stats to hook into the api to allow main stream game battles? like I bet 1 chi in a 1v1 in overwatch scrim or like bet 100 chi in like a pubg match or dota match like bet on pros and bet on yourself? stuff like using the api in order to define the winners, I know the comp scenes pretty well in every game, 1 discord post and you got a bunch of pros playing each other for chi https://masteroverwatch.com/leaderboards/pc/global https://masterpubg.com/
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