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  1. I havent sorted this out yet unfortunately
  2. I keep getting this error? any ideas? Im using everything that you have supplied, trying with my rx 480s
  3. Im having an issue with CG miner What does the block being null mean? is this an issue or not?
  4. they are AMD rx480s Im just wondering what the block saying null means
  5. Any Idea as to why my miner shows null as the block?
  6. ok, is there a general concesus on what makes a good solo miner? like how many h/s. I also started solo mining and the block just said null, does that mean theres an error or just that I havent found a block yet?
  7. CKdXa2Hih35WzCH7gVMFwkPiKEHw5pGqJP Thanks and cant wait to see what this coin holds for us in the future of gaming!
  8. Im looking to mine on a pool, is there any that support chi?
  9. any ideas why this is all that I see? Is it working? what can I do to fix it?
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