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  1. Casstorm

    About Treat FIghter

    Is this available for testing now?
  2. Casstorm

    Ball Connection Game

    I'm really glad to see more active developers taking an interest in XAYA! Even if it wouldn't be a nice fit I have such high hopes for this project.
  3. Casstorm

    Trouble getting a sign up link. Main site.

    Ah, that's too bad. I guess I understand. Still, a great incentive to get more people to register!
  4. Casstorm

    Trouble getting a sign up link. Main site.

    Nevermind, I'm an idiot. I didn't consider I would have to register for the main site and the forums separately. It still won't let me claim the "Join Our Forum" reward with this account. Even though it's the same email as the one I signed up with.
  5. So I went to Xaya.io and it asked me to sign up and earn CHI by doing a bunch of tasks. However I tried using my email address (the same one I use for the forums and the pre-sale) and I keep getting a "user doesn't exist" error. Is there anyway to get around this so I can keep all my activity centralized on this one account without having to create a new one? Thanks for any response.
  6. Casstorm

    Beta: Xaya Network Explorer (Blockchain Stats)

    It really is looking good! I noticed the donation button wasn't set up yet. Are you planning on only accepting CHI donations, or is there another way we could contribute to your efforts?
  7. Casstorm

    Beta: Xaya Network Explorer (Blockchain Stats)

    I really like it! A lot of great info displayed. If I were to make one suggestion though it would be... instead of 4 smaller graphs, maybe display 1 large graph at a time with the ability to swipe though them. It's much more mobile friendly.
  8. Casstorm

    Post an Address Here to receive some CHI for a Name

    CXrodsnfwomeHWhWTwUeHz7craJFQa6XQX Really looking forward to this project!

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