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  1. why bother changing algo, there is no neoscrypt asic miner, the one linked earlier is a scam.
  2. We are currently leaning towards a card-based game rather than a full scale mmo, some brief details below: -Cards will have exp, gain levels and evolve at XX levels. -Cards will have move sets and stats (HP, Attack, Defense etc.). EG a card may start off with 2 moves and gain more as you level up, a max of 4 moves can exist on a card. -Cards will have item slots to power up the monster. (Still debating this as it may cause balance nightmares) -There will be different rarities for the cards and items, these will most likely follow standard formula seen in most online games (common, rare, epic, legendary). -Items and cards will be obtainable through daily missions, ranked play and tournaments. -There will be card booster packs. (think boosters from Pokémon TCG) -When entering combat, you will be able to select 1-5 cards from your collection to enter combat, combat will be exactly like Pokémon. -When summoning a card, it will generate a 2D animated sprite of your monster which will have animations for its entire move set. -PvP with staking. -All items and cards will be tradable on marketplace.
  3. Thanks, is there any documentation available for developers?
  4. Thanks for replies, will post what we decide in the coming days / weeks. We do want to go ahead with a mmo for crypto (pokemon or runescape style) but only if there is demand for it.
  5. I'd say this is doable but is there really that big of a gaming community that would be willing to wager crypto on video games?
  6. Hey all, Just curious if the Xaya user base would be interested in a mmo game similar to the old school 2d Pokemon games? Looking at our next project and considering working on the Xaya platform as it seems to be the most promising platform for games on the blockchain. Regards, Rippy
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