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  1. Hi Andy and the rest of XAYA team, I confirm that I received the bounty from GE stage 1 and from the translation. Many thanks. Keep the good work.
  2. Hi all, After checking my translation on the wallet 1.0.4. , I would like to introduce some improvements to my portuguese translation, to be considered for the next wallet version. Many thanks. pt.txt
  3. Oh, many thanks, I was almost saying that you won´t need to pay me for nothing. So sorry and many thanks.
  4. I am so sorry for the mistake, it seems I deleted my own translation. Had one half portuguese, half english and the spanish one, only. Now everything is correct, I hope. So sorry. If it´s necessary any rectification, please let me know at any time. pt.txt It seems everything is ok now, going to delete the other file, from yesterday, if you don´t mind.
  5. Sorry, was doing the translation with the spanish translation opened to obtain a better translation and eliminate some doubts and it seems I deleted my own file. Please give me some minutes to recover it.
  6. Hi, here it is the portuguese translation. If it is necessary any adjustment, I am available. Just let me know. Many thanks and keep the great work. CHI address CKx62yiUXDkhd1tkYo5Z1V1j3JcXGCVdmF
  7. Hi SnailBrain, I would like to do the portuguese translation, if possible. Many thanks.
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