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  1. Fullerideas

    Hive OS possible to use at some point?

    I am pretty noob to mining and i found using that program easy to get me going. I can see i cant use it right now as there isnt a pool to join but is this something that might be possible in the future?
  2. Fullerideas

    About Soccer Manager Crypto

    OmG! ive been playing football manager sims for like 15 years i can't wait for this!!! any information on releases or testing? im waiting for this door to open so i can get my friends into crypto and this might persuade them ❤️
  3. Fullerideas

    Post an Address Here to receive some CHI for a Name

    CLmCt2vZpyqd526u88v8GS6fKUmYMv2EcW <3

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