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  1. retlaw04

    [POLL] Tell us about YOU!

    General Interest and Cryptos and Games.
  2. retlaw04

    Pick your party!

    Part 1
  3. retlaw04

    Treat Fighter Open Beta Competition - Side Event

    Once again. 12.693
  4. retlaw04

    Treat Fighter Open Beta Competition - Side Event

    For me 12,693 prestigepoints are enough. I will reach that with number 1.
  5. retlaw04

    How much do you spend on games per year?

    20 - 50 $. If I like a game well, it can be more.
  6. retlaw04

    Wallet stuck synchronizing

    Yes it is fixed. Avira make Troubles with XAYA wallet. (also after installing and running wallet) I turn off Avira everytime of using XAYA wallet for now. Running version on Windows 7 is 1.0.4 now.
  7. retlaw04

    Wallet stuck synchronizing

    Hi there. Worked till today with xaya electron wallet 1.0.3 on Windows 7. Today i tried to install 1.0.4 and now the synchronizing does not work. Tried everything from the posts bellow. Uninstalled also 1.0.4 and reinstalled 1.0.3 - Now 1.0.3 also doesn´t work. in the roaming folder there is also no XAYA Folder.
  8. retlaw04

    What video game genre is your favourite?

    I vote for the strategy games like age of empires and MMO games like Grepolis.
  9. retlaw04

    Need opponents for testing

    hi there. I need opponents in tournaments "not too sweet".

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