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  1. snailbrain Thanks a lot for your help! You are a monster in your job! Good luck!
  2. I send u a message on the telegramm)
  3. no problem. About few hours ok? my telegram is @AO7373
  4. Kasperski. But i exit it before instalation
  5. I just reinstalled 1.0.4 all is good. But i need 1.1.1)
  6. its too large,my pc is getting warm(. please give me email adress!
  7. Please. What i need to do?
  8. I cannot send it to you becouse forum rules. I just copied all to txt. Please you can help? Im not a joker. I sent you that i have!
  9. No. That's my debug.log . I use Windows 7 x64. Last version of wallet worked good
  10. in PM. Please help me, i want to watch hardfork)
  11. Hello friends. I just installed new version and have the same problem with synh.... What i need to do. I know where is debug file, but what to do there?
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