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  1. I did not claim that it was the team that sold the coins. I suggested that only team members can have such an big amount CHI (the investor will not sell so cheaply - I speak as an investor). So someone could not stand it and gave up)). But I'm ready to hold CHI and buy for 200 sat. since the project is promising and a profit wait ahead of us. Good luck to us and the project))
  2. adamgud

    HUC delisted

    Can I sell HUC somewhere? or did the train leave?)
  3. someone from the team sold. could not stand the voltage))) ready to buy for 200 sat - but no offers...
  4. adamgud

    HUC delisted

    Thanks!!! Sync in progress. But a lot of blocks. Where to download database do not tell me?
  5. adamgud

    HUC delisted

    No connection to the peers. What nodes to add to the configuration?
  6. adamgud

    HUC delisted

    What wallet can I withdraw HUC to?
  7. Join the Bounty (part 2): https://growapi.refereum.com/xaya/share/4864/website/212
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