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  1. Thanks. Also, sorry if this is a dumb question but... This is what I see for registering a name: name_register "name" "value" ("options") Register a new name. Arguments: 1. "name" (string, required) the name to register 2. "value" (string, required) value for the name 3. "options" (object, optional) { "nameEncoding", (string) Encoding ("ascii", "utf8" or "hex") of the name argument "valueEncoding", (string) Encoding ("ascii", "utf8" or "hex") of the value argument "destAddress", (string) The address to send the name output to "sendCoins": (object) Addresses to which coins should be sent additionally { "addr1": x, "addr2": y, ... } } Result: "txid" (string) the name_register's txid Examples: > xaya-cli name_register "myname", "new-value" > xaya-cli name_register "myname", "new-value", "NEX4nME5p3iyNK3gFh4FUeUriHXxEFemo9" > curl --user myusername --data-binary '{"jsonrpc": "1.0", "id":"curltest", "method": "name_register", "params": ["myname", "new-value"] }' -H 'content-type: text/plain;' I tried to follow the second example exactly ( I am guessing that is the "destAddress"?) and get an error xxx@xxx:~$ xaya-cli name_register "p/abcdefghi", "{}", "CUMknkny8frcxGNT9SEVE5uXXDR5azw43W" error: Error parsing JSON:CUMknkny8frcxGNT9SEVE5uXXDR5azw43W Basically I would like to know how to link multiple names to the same address. EDIT: I guess this should go on the github. I will repost there.
  2. If .01 chi gets locked up in each name and there will be ~77 million chi, is it correct to conclude the max number of names is limited to ~7.7 trillion?
  3. Some (minor) new features on the trade charts at xayadata.com. I kept wondering about the 24 hr btc volume (both liquid and bitmesh only show chi volume) and number of trades on each exchange, so that has been added. I also added a horizontal line showing the last price.
  4. What does "makes sense" mean? If it becomes worthwhile for people to sue them and alert the SEC to get their coins?
  5. I have all AMD (cpu + gpu) on my main pc and still played treatfighter. I am mining with a gtx1060 though.
  6. A dump would mean you can buy more chi... I want people to dump. But yea, either they lost the private keys or database or (more likley) they just are not motivated financially. If it is worth it you can bug them in public (twitter, etc) or threaten them with legal action. The problem is chi is so cheap right now even all those coins are only worth ~30 btc at market prices. And in reality looking at the liquid and bitmesh order books it would get you closer to 3 btc if dumped. So difficult to justify spending much money on getting your polo coins instead of just buying them. There is the principle of it though.
  7. Yes, I am not sure it is worth it either. I see clearly how to get it down to ~ 4 minutes pretty easy though. For now I will look at new features instead. I added links to the official explorer, but it is often very slow. Even an address with 400 tx will take tens of seconds to load. Is there any plan to update the explorer? And then when you get to the page it does include all the transactions but looks very confusing, eg: https://explorer.xaya.io/address/chi1qzpeqgsgcw7q9hrysa89d5u7z56wgs3sg5aj6an I can, of course, make a similar table but why duplicate the work? Also a plot of balance over time would probably be useful.
  8. It is reassuring we can see they are still there. Polo is not secretly selling the coins...
  9. Just checked this again and 447/454 addresses have remained untouched (7 used). Only ~86k CHI has moved.
  10. By this you mean as hashrate/difficulty goes up the price goes up right? If I am someone currently accumulating CHI (either mining or buying) I want it to stay cheap as long as possible, so I wouldn't want the AMD miner to come out until I am done then. Right now the bounty of 2k chi is only ~.02 BTC (~$80), much easier to keep buying than to spend more than a few hours figuring out the miner...
  11. So you think hashrate could increase ~3x if there was a publicly shared working AMD miner?
  12. It takes about 8 min to update the richlist now. Would anyone care if it was 4 min? What about 1-2 min? Or a couple seconds?
  13. Perhaps 2000 CHI isn't enough. How much will the difficulty/hashrate rise if AMD mining becomes active? It is possible someone could make more chi in a few weeks just continuing to mine.
  14. Yes, the trading info only updates once per hour right now (it will update faster if people donate a bunch to that address, but only as fast as the rich list which is every 8 minutes now...). Eventually it should be interactive and update much more often but there really is no point right now. Having a table of "interesting" recent transactions (including game ones) could be interesting.
  15. Is there a file with everything in it instead of the separate chunks?
  16. This isn't what you mean? http://xayadata.com/TradeCharts.png
  17. Thanks, yea we can see that most of the big addresses have done nothing so far. They are probably long-term investors waiting for a few games to come out. I just thought to ask. Is there any other info about the xaya blockchain/trading, etc that you would be interested in?
  18. This should now get updated at the top of every hour: http://xayadata.com/TradeCharts.png An update can also be forced by paying the xayadata address: CQHqQ4Go7sAHQToY5KFr3EQrzXdUwbUmp4
  19. It is not "needed", but many people like to check their ranking in the list or use it to see "interesting" addresses. Like: 11CH7RjcL2FmF2Tu222abyv1tHx8bSnXH7y = Liquid Exchange: Cold wallet
  20. Also added the address distribution plot: http://xayadata.com/addressPlot.png
  21. I added some charts that show daily candlesticks and a snapshot of the order book to the richlist site. It is linked to from xayadata.com, but here is a direct link: http://xayadata.com/TradeCharts.png For now it will update along with the rich list (when I feel like it or via auto-updates for every 10 CHI paid/donated). The price data should update much quicker than the richlist currently does (within a minute).
  22. So far bitmesh has about ~10x less volume and liquidity than Liquid and is 2x as volatile.
  23. Is the 1 day chart on bitmesh blank for anyone else? 1 hr and 1 week work fine, but 1 day is always blank.
  24. Thanks, it worked perfectly.
  25. Could someone send ~2 chi to the address on the site and then verify on here that it really does auto-update? I will reimburse you if you want.
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