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  1. I loaded the linux one full screen and had to kill it on a different monitor using process explorer. What is the key to quit the program?
  2. I see, thanks. It sounded familiar to me but I thought I figured out the API returned something different than what they displayed on the site. Apparently that is not the case.
  3. I noticed that the volume for a trade on liquid was counted twice for some reason in the data returned by the API. Assuming this has been going on since the beginning I now halved the volume of all prior trades for the plots on xayadata.com and xaya-gaming.net. I will halve the volume for all future trades as well. If anyone notices that they fix this in the future please let me know.
  4. Yea, looks like they are going to steal/burn all the airdropped coins they got.
  5. Is it possible I need to update xaya? Have any new tx types been added?
  6. I don't think so, those should all get counted. This discrepancy showed up sometime between Sept 1 and now. Abunch of names were registered before that. I can pinpoint it to the exact block eventually but thought it would be quicker if someone knew what it was.
  7. DarkClaw

    Will buy chi

    Thanks, I will check it out. From a quick skim it looked like mostly smaller trades though.
  8. Has anyone burned 47.668634 coins? When I sum up the coins in the richlist I am currently missing that many vs what was predicted based on the reward schedule : http://xayadata.com/
  9. DarkClaw

    Will buy chi

    If anyone is interested in selling ~100k chi OTC at some premium above the current liquid price (~.173 btc per 100k chi) please let me know.
  10. Is Taurion still windows only?
  11. I haven't been following too closely lately. Is this Taurion or soccer manager launching?
  12. I ddg-ed "xaya explorer" and this site popped up: https://nmayfairlondon.com/ It seems to be a clone of the xaya explorer page: https://explorer.xaya.io/
  13. FYI: I fixed the bug but gotta wait for my friend to update the other machine. I did update the stats/charts once for now.
  14. Actually i might be able to get my friend to run a git pull sooner. I'll let you know.
  15. Stats are down for some reason. I won't be able to fix it until like next week unfortunately. EDIT: The richlist is on the same machine. It failed to update too. It showed the "updating..." page but then didn't work. So its still running but something is crashing it. EDIT2: Yea, looks like its crashing because the bitmesh order book is now empty and I didn't plan ahead for that. Sorry about that, nothing I can do at the moment.
  16. DarkClaw

    Xaya faucet

    Perhaps theres already generic code somewhere like there was for the paper wallet...
  17. DarkClaw

    Xaya faucet

    Are there any plans for a faucet so people can get a few chi to try out a game, etc?
  18. Would some devs like to do this?
  19. I'd imagine you just run a bot that scrapes the posts and then updates a webpage. Filtering the posts would require some sort of anti-spam-like algo so not sure if that would be worth doing.
  20. Perhaps, I know nothing about them. What is the KYC like? EDIT: Also, I don't see huc there.
  21. Why is there a steady stream of coins being sent to this address? https://explorer.xaya.io/address/DHy2615XKevE23LVRVZVxGeqxadRGyiFW4 It looks like it has something to do with taurion...
  22. My problems with this are: 1) It is pretty difficult to have high quality discussions in the chats, so people with the most to contribute may just not bother. Ie the community is possibly selecting for "not tech-savvy" members. 2) The chats are not getting indexed by search engines, so a lot of info is hidden away from people just looking up xaya. 3) You need to possibly sign up and dl an app to even look at the info in the chats, which is a higher barrier to entry than just checking out a forum via your web browser. Anyway, what do you think about my suggestion to mirror the chats somewhere?
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