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  1. Thanks, sounds good. Do you plan on adding huc too at the same time? Surely it is not really as simple as adding one of these json files: https://github.com/trezor/trezor-common/tree/master/defs/coins Is it?
  2. Can one of the devs get xaya support added to trezor? https://trezor.io/coins/ I searched a bit on how to do this and, apparently, it is not too difficult: https://www.ccn.com/crypto-wallet-trezor-adds-support-for-fictional-currency-piedpipercoin/ Also, perhaps get huc on there as well?
  3. Thanks, as you can see we haven't worked that out yet. For now you can donate chi here if you want: CZTUk53bma957yqaaKt5Ts9SJjLPfPPbte Or bitcoin here: 16SifYv2q58vydDrwvxxvCYyCtYpb1bPf8 If you do that, please let me know your intentions. Eg, if you mean for me to pass on half to capo0r, etc.
  4. Does it still happen if you lower the intensity? Eg, add the flag -i 5 to set intensity lower, then if it works increase it until you get the error or ccminer crashes.
  5. Makes sense and sounds good, thanks.
  6. At first I thought it had something to do with not paying a high enough fee? In what way is it too large? Actually a cool feature for the wallet would be to tell me how many kb the transaction I am about to initiate will be.
  7. I just tried to consolidate 100 coins I mined to my game wallet to a single address in my vault wallet and got a "Done: transaction too large". Nothing was sent. 1) If the transaction didn't go through it should not say "Done", it should say "error" or similar. 2) What is going on here? What is "too large"? Did I fall afoul of one of these? https://github.com/xaya/Specs/blob/master/blockchain.md
  8. Not sure what it has to do with the wallet synchronization but shouldn't that say neoscrypt instead of bitcore?
  9. Thanks. Thanks, obviously there is a lot more to add to this. Ie searching for an address/tx/name etc, but we figured just being able to easily and quickly inspect the overall status of the network is really important to people. Also there may very well be bugs so if anything looks off please tell us.
  10. Thanks. Actually I just tried it on mobile for the first time and saw (that even worse) the "todays stats" main table was cut off. So I think it is definitely not mobile friendly at this point but have no idea how difficult that would be to fix. It sounds like a good idea to me but I'll leave that answer to casp0or.
  11. About a week ago I made a post on this forum regarding calculating some basic mining stats and fellow Xaya fan casp0or offered to help me out in doing a front end for it. It is still a work in progress but we think it is ready for some public feedback. I heard for some reason our domain name is delayed so you can visit the site here for now. (2018/08/03: please use https://www.xaya-gaming.net/, note the "www" must be included at this point) At this point it provides basic info about the blockchain like block height, number of registered names, etc. It also shows a block by block chart of the difficulty for both NeoScrypt and SHA-256d algos and daily data on a number of stats like average hashrate, block size, etc. Beyond that there is also a mining calculator so you can estimate how many coins you could expect to mine by adding your miner to the network. Please share any criticisms and suggestions you have so we can improve on it. Of course, also let us know what, if anything, you find most useful about it. See attached for a screenshot: EDIT: Here is the current domain: https://www.xaya-gaming.net/ 2018/08/03: Please note the "www" must be included at this point, ie http://xaya-gaming.net/ will not be fully functional.
  12. Yes, you can register as many names as you want as long as it is not already registered.
  13. Thanks. Somehow I did not think to scroll... Also is there a guide to making a xaya.conf? Eg, is this good enough? # If no rpcpassword is set, rpc cookie auth is sought. The default `-rpccookiefile` name # is .cookie and found in the `-datadir` being used for bitcoind. This option is typically used # when the server and client are run as the same user. # # If not, you must set rpcuser and rpcpassword to secure the JSON-RPC api. The first # method(DEPRECATED) is to set this pair for the server and client: #rpcuser=Ulysseys #rpcpassword=YourSuperGreatPasswordNumber_DO_NOT_USE_THIS_OR_YOU_WILL_GET_ROBBED_385593 https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/master/contrib/debian/examples/bitcoin.conf Thanks, I also found this description later on and it was helpful: https://github.com/xaya/Specs/blob/master/blockchain.md
  14. I understand that the focus needs to be on developing xaya now, but I think this looks pretty bad promotion-wise, especially when it just seemed to be getting some volume: https://poloniex.com/exchange#btc_huc Regardless of how much you care about it directly, Its important that HUC at least remains functioning for the sake of xaya since it is mostly the same team . Is there any info on this, is it a poloniex only problem?
  15. DarkClaw

    Mining Stats

    Looks like this was a bad assumption, it increases up to 128 MiB in 16 MiB intervals before creating another file: /** The maximum size of a blk?????.dat file (since 0.8) */ static const unsigned int MAX_BLOCKFILE_SIZE = 0x8000000; // 128 MiB /** The pre-allocation chunk size for blk?????.dat files (since 0.8) */ static const unsigned int BLOCKFILE_CHUNK_SIZE = 0x1000000; // 16 MiB https://github.com/xaya/xaya/blob/90111e2b4b2631a1df56df60a656ea820021cba7/src/validation.h
  16. DarkClaw

    Mining Stats

    Great, pm sent. Also, It was mentioned there could be a bounty for a block explorer, and this is the initial steps. Is there any update on that?
  17. DarkClaw

    Mining Stats

    Thanks, now I also see a direct command for that info: getnetworkhashps. Both estimates match with my own so great. Thanks. Actually the hardest part for me (I am guessing) would be setting up a server, etc since I don't have much experience with that. However, I do plan on that eventually, but for now I am still working on the "backend" stuff. If someone wants to do it I'd love to send over the data or set up a script on there. FYI, currently *everything* is being done in R except for a tiny c++ snippet, which is great for the data mining but probably not ideal for the rest. The current method is more a prototype, there are at least 5 ways I can think of it will fail to scale. Eg it cant even handle more than one blk*.dat file at this point (the current one is about 90% full, it should last another 1- 2 days if the block size stays ~750 bytes on average), Im reading the entire blk*.dat into memory and reparsing it each time rather than storing/updating the results, etc. In the end it might just be best to use the rpc interface but my initial attempts to get the data that way, were much slower than parsing the blk*.dat directly for some reason... In the meantime I could just post the data here once a day or so if anyone thinks that'd be useful.
  18. DarkClaw

    Mining Stats

    Here is my first go at some basic mining stats: # Date = starting date and time of the interval # nBlocks_target = Expected number of blocks if hashrate matched difficulty exactly # nBlocks = Actual number of blocks mined during the interval # nOrphan = Number of orphan blocks during the interval,ignored otherwise # propNeo = Proportion of total blocks mined by the Neoscrypt algo (vs Sha256d) # blocktime_all = Mean time between blocks ignoring algo # nVersions = Number of block versions present in the chain # neo/sha_size = Mean bytes used for each block # neo/sha_diff = Mean difficulty # neo/sha_blocktime = Mean time between blocks (due to inaccuracies can even be negative) # neo/sha_HR_target = Mean hashrate if hashrate matched difficulty exactly (MH/s) # neo/sha_HR_est = Estimated hash rate based on number of blocks mined + difficulty (MH/s) date nBlocks_target nBlocks nOrphan propNeo blocktime_all nVersions neo_size neo_diff neo_blocktime neo_HR_target neo_HR_est sha_size sha_diff sha_blocktime sha_HR_target sha_HR_est 1 2018-07-13 1856.233 1592 1 0.4648241 0.5825691 2 406.4203 1.1548465 1.2533108 82.66714 65.91163 1119.736 12607065581 0.7391041 9.024489e+11 8.284373e+11 2 2018-07-14 2880.000 2745 4 0.4987250 0.5247966 1 368.4916 0.9257287 1.0506087 66.26624 62.99895 1122.279 18461093719 1.0479893 1.321497e+12 1.262763e+12 3 2018-07-15 2880.000 2742 26 0.5000000 0.5251459 1 410.4362 0.7450879 1.0502674 53.33547 50.77981 1117.317 18630423473 1.0502918 1.333618e+12 1.269715e+12 4 2018-07-16 2880.000 2734 17 0.4970739 0.5265362 1 387.3937 0.6028167 1.0609762 43.15130 40.72404 1175.322 20386212184 1.0444848 1.459302e+12 1.393431e+12 5 2018-07-17 2880.000 2751 25 0.5001818 0.5235127 1 359.8438 0.5923297 1.0466449 42.40062 40.51614 1103.988 20440636568 1.0481091 1.463198e+12 1.397151e+12 6 2018-07-18 2880.000 2747 23 0.4998180 0.5242750 1 428.4625 0.7395400 1.0489318 52.93834 50.47523 1161.661 22799378726 1.0494178 1.632043e+12 1.557241e+12 7 2018-07-19 2880.000 2743 32 0.4998177 0.5250273 1 373.7907 0.8108523 1.0491004 58.04307 55.26184 1109.162 20748626130 1.0501822 1.485245e+12 1.415108e+12 Does anything look off in there? One thing I'm not certain about is estimating the hash rate. Based on https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Difficulty, I used a hashrate corresponding to difficulty = 1 for a chain targeting one block per minute of: 1e-6*(2^32)/60 = 71.58279 MH/s. To get the HR_target columns I then multiplied this value by the difficulty for each algo. To get the HR_est (estimate) columns I then multiplied the HR_target column by the ratio of actual to "expected" (nBlocks_target) blocks: neo_HR_target = 71.58279 MH/s * neo_diff neo_nBlocks = (nBlocks*propNeo) neo_HR_est = neo_HR_target* neo_nBlocks/(nBlocks/2) This result an estimate for Neoscrypt of ~ 50 MHS/s, which may make sense. Also, I cut off the first 33 from the histogram of blocktimes since some were very large.
  19. If anyone is wondering what names have been taken already, I got around to the the scan_name rpc request. See the attached. Here is a random sample: "g/Hero Fighter" "g/Blackjack" "g/Real Estate" "p/123" "p/trading" "p/Boobs" "p/tickets" "p/Knight" "p/Lynch" "p/$$$$" names_20180718.csv
  20. I decided to write up the issues I was facing, and even did a little extra testing for thoroughness sake. The most important issue for me is that I couldn't figure out how to set the RPC user/pass and change the dataDir: 1) Wallet does not show version number in "About". - I see it says it on the "overview" page but expect this info in "About". 2) How do I set the RPC username and password override and change my datadir? - I go to Settings -> Advanced and type in what I want but then there is no submit button. If I then navigate to the Settings -> Default panel there is a "Submit Settings" button/ Upon clicking it tells me "Success Settings Saved". But nothing seems to happen. I still need to access RPC using the info in the .cookie file (which changes each time the client is restarted) and the old AppData dataDir is still used. Also, if I return to the Settings -> Advanced screen all fields are empty again. - Is there (supposed to be) a xaya.conf file somewhere that is saving this stuff? I can't find one. - perhaps this is related to the unresponsive console interface I mentioned elsewhere 4) When I encrypted my wallet an info screen unexpectedly popped up saying something about restarting but then closed before I could finish reading it. - What did it say? 5) What is name value under "Create names"? -Earlier it seemed to be auto filled in with something like {"p/X":"} but today by default it is just an empty bracket {}. I have no idea if thats expected or not. What works? 1) Send chi from game to vault wallet and vice versa, whether encrypted or not. 2) Register names (although I haven't figured out how to get a list of these from the blockchain yet.. so haven't verified it) 3) Solo mining neoscrypt (via ccminer 2.1) 4) RPC queries 5) Backup the wallet and restore from backups 6) Updating versions
  21. Thanks, none of that works for me. The text does appear in the text box, and its detecting that I click send based on the buttons GUI response, but nothing happens. Also, I can use the RPC interface via other means as the client is running, so that all works fine.
  22. I haven't seen the console in the electron wallet respond to anything at all (windows 7). Can you give an example of exactly what to put in there to see it do something?
  23. Yep here is the answer already in the docs: Looks like there is lots of helpful info on that page already. Also got the RPC interface working now too. Thanks.
  24. DarkClaw

    Simple Games

    Thanks, as noted in the other thread I am starting with a very simple block explorer. I am sure you can get an idea of my current abilities from what I've posted there. From your post, it sounds like there are already some prototypes implemented of a few games like that, they are just unstable. Is that right? I am sure you will come out with something well before I could ever hope to in that case. Really would like to see this in action even if it is not working completely. Xaya seems like one of those things no one can really understand until they use it.
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