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  1. It should definitely change after restarting xaya. I would try to restart xaya again and see if the cookie file is recreated. If that doesnt work, windows update probably broke something... may require you to reinstall (backup you wallets).
  2. DarkClaw

    Liquid Exchange

    Do you know the time (GMT)?
  3. Interesting, thanks. I'm able to use my trezor on a computer without any bitcoin blockchain though. It's basically just a secure web wallet: https://wallet.trezor.io/#/ I'm not sure whats going on in the background there, but it doesnt seem like trezor is running a node for every coin they support themselves, but somehow they are getting data on number of confirmations, etc. Is that what could be done via the JSON file? A secure webwallet is actually easier for more people to use than a full client...
  4. DarkClaw

    Liquid Exchange

    My understanding is the main sale will be held on: https://www.liquid.com/ 1) After the sale will people be able to trade chi on that site? 2) Has anyone done the KYC yet? I saw they want a id, pic, and proof of address (this kyc stuff is getting more and more ridiculous imo). How long does it take to get verified? 3) When exactly does the main sale start? 4) Will there be info shown about the progress of the sale like number of coins sold, etc? 5) Are there plans for HUC to be traded on this exchange as well?
  5. I just expect that software not in focus is not going to listen for or respond to any input, it seems like a waste of cpu at best. Perhaps for opening a debug window there is some reason though.
  6. Nope, nothing else happened. But how can I be sure there arent any other shortcuts left in that I might accidentally trigger while working on something else?
  7. I don't know the details, but I was able to make the wallet do something while other software had focus. So I don't understand why you say that since focus was never diverted, there was no danger of making it do something bad...
  8. I have a similar card. Why do you ask?
  9. This issue seems to be resolved. Also, I see the coin supply got a response on bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=435170.msg44506613#msg44506613 I don't have a huc blockchain, but this shows (at the moment) 222,346,126 coins for xaya. There was a genesis block creation of 222,222,222 coins of which some unknown number will be burned, leaving 123,904 created at one per block which all seems correct. Why doesn't that explorer use such a simple method for determining total coin supply? PS, can a mod move this to the huntercoin section? Either I missed it or it didnt exist when I created this thread.
  10. I had the focus on sublime text and actually didnt remember what the shortcut was for what I was trying to do, so I hit ctrl-H as part of a couple attempts. Somehow this command got sent to xaya. Actually, now that I think about it... responding to key strokes when the wallet is not the focus is pretty dangerous behavior. You don't want people to accidentally send coins or something.
  11. I actually did figure it out eventually, but still I doubt this feature is supposed to remain active. At first I thought it was a virus or something...
  12. I have no idea how I got to this, but it is probably not supposed to be:
  13. Sorry, nope. Maybe its not finding the blockchain since its only looking at Do you need to add the port? I think the default would be I assume you've got xaya running. But like I said, no experience with cgminer and dont have an AMD card to test on.
  14. This is cgminer, which I havent used, sorry. You can try ccminer if you have an nVidia card (it requires CUDA). What gpus are those? I see it says 150.6 kh/s, which would currently get you ~3 coins/day, but it also says diff 65.5k... I don't know what that refers to since the neoscrypt difficulty is ~ 1.0 and sha256d is ~25,000,000,000. You can check the stats and estimated mining reward here: https://www.xaya-gaming.net/
  15. An update on this: I went back to using the default datadir and that didnt fix the problem. Once I went back to using the default user/pass (deleted my custom user/pass from client and xaya.conf) it has been working fine though. Since I think the issue is changing the user/pass now, I will change the title.
  16. What is your hashrate? There is a mining calculator here that lets you estimate how many coins per day you should expect: https://www.xaya-gaming.net/
  17. I did a couple things at once here so bear with me... I made a new "DataDir" on an external SSD. In that directory (before doing anything else) I made a xaya.conf file with these entries: I opened the electron wallet and navigated to Settings -> Advanced. There I filled in the RPC Username Override, RPC Password Override, and DataDir Override fields and hit submit. Then it closed xaya and gave me a message to manually restart it. So I restarted it and it began to sync from zero (as expected). The way it populated this directory was different from what it did in the original AppData/roaming/Xaya directory in that the new directory had the game.dat and vault.dat directories right in the DataDir, while the original directory contained a "wallets" subdirectory that contained the wallets along with an extra set of ".walletlock", "db.log", and "wallet.dat" files. I pasted my original game.dat and vault.dat directories into the new DataDir and the correct balances were shown, however if I navigated to transactions it would only show the vault wallet transactions. Also, it was be flashing something at ~ 1hz... for a split second I can see a "next" button near the where the first address is shown. So I deleted those game.dat and vault.dat directories and just pasted in the whole "wallet" directory. The client still shows the correct balances but the same problems persist (I can only see the vault transactions and that screen flashes). Also, I attempted to send from my game wallet to the vault wallet and it made me enter my vault password. So I tried that, and it sent 10 chi from vault wallet to vault wallet, and actually to the exact same address. See tx 27c72f864aef4b5ccb66c10a7233933e59f12bbeff24ec26143b8c08fff9ab07 in block 110631. PS: I am also seeing this "flashing" and forced vault wallet issue for the "my Names" tab. However, the "Receive" tab is working fine. Any ideas? EDIT: No, I was wrong. The receive tab is only sometimes working ok for game wallet, then it switches over to the vault addresses. Also, I did send some coins from my vault to an old game address via the client and the balance updated (I can also see this transaction via the rpc api so I believe it is a client issue).
  18. Would it be possible to have the "Address label" default to the current date-time? Its pretty annoying to come up with a name every time I want to use a new address, and I just end up with a bunch of addresses named "A", "B", "C", etc.
  19. RyuMaster Gorskov meant for you to share a screen shot of that directory open in windows explorer, not at the command line. Also, your attempt to get there using the command line failed because you need to put "cd" (for change directory) at the beginning and you need to put quotes around the path if there are any spaces in it.
  20. We have a mining calculator here 335 KH/s should yield ~ 10 blocks per day. I can get about twice that per day with about twice the hashrate so pretty sure it is correct. I think the issue is that you are displaying your "vault" wallet when your mining logs show you are mining to the "game" wallet. So, try switching the view from vault to game wallet (click on the top where it says vault wallet).
  21. The device name is probably wrong. I don't know what type of string matching it does but would bet it doesn't like spaces (although not certain). The user name is incorrect unless you've changed some settings. If using the .cookie file then the username is actually "__cookie__", so unless you changed this to be "Andrey __cookie__" in the rpc settings it is wrong. Try this (replace xxx with whatever it says in the cookie file after the colon): Ccminer-x64.exe -a neoscrypt -o -d gtx1070 -i 21 -u __cookie__ -p xxx
  22. Your user, pass, or something else is wrong. See my earlier post. You should be running something like: Ccminer-x64.exe -a neoscrypt -o -d gtx1060 -i 21 -u __cookie__ -p xxx https://forum.xaya.io/topic/65-done-32-bit-running-wallet-qt/?do=findComment&comment=575 I explain the flags, etc in that thread. Note that if you are using the .cookie file for your password it will be reset each time you restart xaya, so you will have to replace it. You can override this user/pass in the electron client under settings -> advanced (although I haven't yet tested if that works myself).
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