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  1. Would some devs like to do this?
  2. I'd imagine you just run a bot that scrapes the posts and then updates a webpage. Filtering the posts would require some sort of anti-spam-like algo so not sure if that would be worth doing.
  3. Perhaps, I know nothing about them. What is the KYC like? EDIT: Also, I don't see huc there.
  4. Why is there a steady stream of coins being sent to this address? https://explorer.xaya.io/address/DHy2615XKevE23LVRVZVxGeqxadRGyiFW4 It looks like it has something to do with taurion...
  5. My problems with this are: 1) It is pretty difficult to have high quality discussions in the chats, so people with the most to contribute may just not bother. Ie the community is possibly selecting for "not tech-savvy" members. 2) The chats are not getting indexed by search engines, so a lot of info is hidden away from people just looking up xaya. 3) You need to possibly sign up and dl an app to even look at the info in the chats, which is a higher barrier to entry than just checking out a forum via your web browser. Anyway, what do you think about my suggestion to mirror the chats somewhere?
  6. The lack of discussion on these forums makes this coin look dead compared to reality. From a marketing perspective, I question the wisdom of having most of the discussion on mobile apps rather than the open web that anyone can find and easily search... Perhaps those chats can be mirrored somewhere?
  7. I'm not sure what they expected for such an early stage but bitmesh has now delisted chi for low volume... Trading ends 6/18/2019 and you need to withdraw by 6/30/2019.
  8. Thanks for reaching out. At the moment, we have do not have any further updates on the distribution of the XAYA airdrop. While our resources are currently being utilised with other projects, we are committed to re-assessing this case to facilitate the airdrop in the future. Please keep an eye on the notices section of our website for updates. Thank you for your understanding. Delayed again... I can't believe they haven't done this, they must be going out of business or something.
  9. I was mining on the same computer. I assume it was some issue with windows syncing my clock that eventually got resolved.
  10. Yes, that's what I had to do. Now I just turn off the monitor manually.
  11. Actually, I am mining with only a single gtx1060 on a win 7 pc and it would hang whenever the screen turned off (eg after 5 minutes of inactivity). So I had to disable that and the screensaver to mine. Not sure if its related but thought I would mention it.
  12. This persists after a restart. As you can see I am synced and successfully mining.
  13. Hi all, in a few hours the richlist, stats, etc will need to stop getting updated for 1-2 days. It will be back ASAP.
  14. Stats are down at the moment because power is out... eventually ill move it to a real server.
  15. Ok, problems should be fixed as far as I am able. I submitted a ticket to bitmesh...
  16. There was a problem on my end, should be fixed by tomorrow.
  17. Thanks.... looks like one of the historical trade datasets got corrupted somehow. So it only fails on the top of the hour (when that gets updated). Let me know an address and I can pay you back next week.
  18. I'm out of town at the moment so don't have access to my chi. If someone could send ~9.3 chi to CQHqQ4Go7sAHQToY5KFr3EQrzXdUwbUmp4 it would be greatly appreciated. I want to see if it still updates because it looks like the network stats stopped updating. The richlist is at: http://xayadata.com/ I can pay it back next week.
  19. DarkClaw


    Thanks. I will look into it. Probably not happening until after the 25th though. Perhaps @casp0or can also see if it would be easy
  20. DarkClaw


    I can do that on xayadata... There needs to be some kind of legal disclaimer since I don't know how to check it (or at least haven't tried). I assume if someone is using xaya they trust Daniel already though.
  21. Hmm... I got 3 million chi by assuming the majority of the ones that hadn't moved were stored on poloniex. That would work out to ~12 million huc, which does seem high. At block 1.68 Million there would be ~16.8 million HUC. So 3/4 of it would need to be on poloniex.I see that block was mined at 2017-04-05 16:19:31. I assume that is UTC. I actually have the order book from 2017-04-05 16:18:47 and the asks sum to: 4,928,730.49836103. I'm actually not sure about daylight savings and timezones here... an hour later the sum was: 4,597,915.51620152. So at least 4.5-5 million HUC were stored at Poloniex, corresponding to at least 1 million CHI.
  22. Poloniex has officially said "Note: customers who held HUC during the XAYA snapshot last year will be credited XAYA airdrop tokens for withdrawal in the near future - more details coming soon." So, will most of these coins get dumped? Is the current dump by people who are anticipating this?
  23. DarkClaw


    I somehow missed this in the HUC delisting announcement on poloniex: https://poloniex.com/exchange#btc_huc So some good news comes of this.
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