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  1. Also added the address distribution plot: http://xayadata.com/addressPlot.png
  2. I added some charts that show daily candlesticks and a snapshot of the order book to the richlist site. It is linked to from xayadata.com, but here is a direct link: http://xayadata.com/TradeCharts.png For now it will update along with the rich list (when I feel like it or via auto-updates for every 10 CHI paid/donated). The price data should update much quicker than the richlist currently does (within a minute).
  3. So far bitmesh has about ~10x less volume and liquidity than Liquid and is 2x as volatile.
  4. Is the 1 day chart on bitmesh blank for anyone else? 1 hr and 1 week work fine, but 1 day is always blank.
  5. Thanks, it worked perfectly.
  6. Could someone send ~2 chi to the address on the site and then verify on here that it really does auto-update? I will reimburse you if you want.
  7. It is like this site, but for xaya: https://bitinfocharts.com/top-100-richest-bitcoin-addresses.html It shows the balance of the top 1k xaya addresses. It turns out it is not all that trivial to get the balance of every address, so as far as I know I am the only one to have done it for xaya so far.
  8. Added new columns of # inputs/outputs to each address. Holy crap, (I assume) BSOD pool (CbQngF73wS8yySPra24FD6XsYeJaVoYo8e) has 79k of both for the same address. EDIT: FYI: Just as I posted this the balance went to ~827 chi, just outside the top 1k on the rich list.
  9. I will be updating this rich list intermittently, but if it gets stale and someone wants to see it updated send chi to the address shown until it crosses the next threshold (in the pic a payment just triggered an update by passing 40 chi). The threshold increments by 10 chi each time (next threshold is 50 chi). If you send more than required it will count towards the next one, which should start immediately afterwards (I just sped the updates up from ~50 to ~10 min, and should be able to do more later). I would recommend only sending 10 chi at most though. It is still very much beta so use at your own risk. However, if anything goes wrong I don't see why I couldn't reimburse you, just PM me here. If this works hopefully we can get it in a more interactive format on the xaya-gaming.net site eventually.
  10. Using xayad -daemon runs it in the background only. I can restart it cleanly, but isn't exactly what I want. While this is better than accumulating terminals, I actually do want a terminal showing what xayad is doing if possible.
  11. In the new version of the electron wallet there is a button that does this for you, but I have not tried it. For that open xaya and go to Settings -> Delete Chain. But you can do it manually if that doesn't work. Close xaya and navigate to: C:\users\<your_username_here>\AppData\Roaming\Xaya\Blocks Delete everything inside. The "AppData" folder may be hidden, in that case you have to change your folder settings to let you see hidden stuff.
  12. This is more a linux question than a xaya one. Since this post I have just been manually restarting xayad when necessary to release the memory, which is annoying but not a huge deal. However, now I want to automate some memory heavy tasks and do not want xayad wasting it. Since no one else could reproduce this issue (I still need to try it on my windows pc...), I thought a decent work around would be to programmatically restart the process when needed. I've figured out how to find the process ID and kill it, but then I am left with a do-nothing terminal window. I have also figured out how to programmatically start xayad but only by opening a new window. So, is there a way to programmatically find out terminal window that is running xayad, kill xayad, then start xayad again in that same terminal?
  13. After updating to 1.1.1a make sure to delete the old blockchain and resync.
  14. This is something that I did as well.
  15. Whatever is easier for the dev team I say. I only spent like 5 chi on the game though.
  16. It didn't show me any install directory. All it said was that error. I just searched it and used the solution mentioned here: https://www.passmark.com/support/performancetest/UNC_share_install_error.htm
  17. Is it the same filename? I have TreatFighterLinux022419.zip. In "About" I see: 664930 - Treat Fighter v022419 - 120FA6BB384DD8D4C5C83C5D6E610041 That's what I see as "latest version" here: http://www.trickyfast.com/treatfightersetup-9/
  18. DarkClaw

    Xaya Rich List

    I think this was discussed on here with @domob sometime back... but remind me. Does the RPC calculate the expected number of coins or actually add something up? Ie, if there were a bug allowing people to create extra coins is the RPC sufficient to detect it?
  19. And it finally synced. I see a totally different leaderboard than on my linux pc for some reason
  20. DarkClaw

    Xaya Rich List

    Future updates are moving to xayadata.com as mentioned here: https://forum.xaya.io/topic/467-new-richlist-site/
  21. Casp0or has been too busy to fix the richlist on xaya-gaming.net, so there is a new site devoted to it: http://xayadata.com/ It is very simple right now but will eventually have the distribution plot, and more.
  22. I got this error when trying to install on windows 7: The drive or UNC share you selected does not exist I was able to install via command line by navigating to the folder containing the setup.exe and running: TreatFighterSetup-9.exe /DIR="C:\TreatFighter"
  23. DarkClaw

    Xaya Rich List

    The one I show in the rich list is actually the sum of the coins in each address. I also calculate it like this: # Premine: 222,222,222 - 175,839,877.30326 (Burned) premine = 46382344.69674 reward0 = 3.82934346 halving = 4.2e6 reward = reward0/2^floor(height/halving) stage1 = min(440e3 - 1, height) stage2 = ifelse(height < 440e3, 0, height - 440e3 + 1)*reward supply = premine + stage1 + stage2 The two are usually different by 1-2e-7 chi (10-20 chitosi?), I assume due to some floating point error somewhere in the rich list code. EDIT: Looking at it again I see that one will break after the first halving... For the "coin supply" chart on xaya-gaming.net I did this which gives the same answer for current/past blocks: max_ht = 21e6 height = 1:max_ht premine = 46382344.69674 reward0 = 3.82934346 halving = 4.2e6 reward = ifelse(height < 440e3, 1, reward0/2^floor((height + 1)/halving)) supply = premine + cumsum(reward) Just swap out max_ht for the current height. That requires calculating the supply at every height before the current block but it doesn't take too long even for 21 million blocks which should happen some time in ~2038-2039.
  24. Well the first error is here. This returns FALSE/0: size_t blkmk_address_to_script(void *out, size_t outsz, const char *addr) { unsigned char addrbin[25]; unsigned char *cout = out; const size_t b58sz = strlen(addr); int addrver; size_t rv; rv = sizeof(addrbin); if (!b58_sha256_impl) b58_sha256_impl = blkmk_sha256_impl; if (!b58tobin(addrbin, &rv, addr, b58sz)) return 0; addrver = b58check(addrbin, sizeof(addrbin), addr, b58sz); switch (addrver) { case 0: // Bitcoin pubkey hash case 111: // Testnet pubkey hash case(14): /* Feathercoin pubkey hash */ case(27): /* Ufocoin pubkey hash */ case(39): /* Guncoin pubkey hash */ case(40): /* Halcyon pubkey hash */ case(56): /* Phoenixcoin pubkey hash */ case(115): /* Orbitcoin pubkey hash */ if (outsz < (rv = 25)) return rv; cout[ 0] = 0x76; // OP_DUP cout[ 1] = 0xa9; // OP_HASH160 cout[ 2] = 0x14; // push 20 bytes memcpy(&cout[3], &addrbin[1], 20); cout[23] = 0x88; // OP_EQUALVERIFY cout[24] = 0xac; // OP_CHECKSIG return rv; case 5: // Bitcoin script hash case 196: // Testnet script hash if (outsz < (rv = 23)) return rv; cout[ 0] = 0xa9; // OP_HASH160 cout[ 1] = 0x14; // push 20 bytes memcpy(&cout[2], &addrbin[1], 20); cout[22] = 0x87; // OP_EQUAL return rv; default: return 0; } } https://github.com/xaya/nsgminer/blob/xayaswab/libblkmaker/base58.c Why is the bounty only for windows if it does not work on linux either though?
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