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  1. Enter your username without the p/ and it should work I try it tomorrow on my work pc ... maybe I can see the error there
  2. yes I used an older wallet ... v0.2 is on the way... there was a bug I did not see because of my older wallet version
  3. New version 0.0.2 is now online Regards OLD MESSAGE: Hey, I just finished my Xaya-LibGame-Interface, written with NodeJS and Electron. I want to release this on Github, as an easy entry to xaya games, soon after I wrote a little tutorial/doc for it. My first example is a fully working "stone/paper/scissors" game where you can currently play against my server. PvP is coming next release, must debug the lobby system... You can download it on https://xaya-gaming.net/XayaJS-RockPaperScissors-0.1-win.exe as an installer or here https://xaya-gaming.net/XayaJS-RockPaperScissors-0.1-win.zip as zip file. Just install/extract the game and try to win. 😉 I´m using the cookie file from AppData so no need for an rpc-user or password anymore, but I implemented is as a fallback. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This game is my first example of how to build an app/game on the xaya-network with javascript. Here are some screenshots again: Regards casp0or
  4. I added a link back to https://github.com/domob1812/WalletGenerator.net/tree/xaya or should I use the original one?
  5. Thank you! I can disable the "brain wallet" if it is too dangerous for people who don't understand it 😉
  6. @tyKiwanuka I fixed my issue ... developer tools ftw 😅 there was a big div covering the buttons so I can´t click on them -.-
  7. No, I just can´t click on quote or edit mass quote works
  8. Yes, my last edit was the https thing ... which messed up the thread a little bit Oo
  9. Hey, I implemented the "WalletGenerator.net" script on https://xaya-gaming.net/paperWallet Btw: I can´t edit my first post Oo
  10. ok thanks 🤦‍♂️ haven´t looked deep into it yet
  11. Hey, if there is a demand I will switch for now to the paper wallet. The pool is making slow progress ... I have set up the paper wallet on my pc but I don´t see any changes made for huntercoin or xaya Oo but maybe I´m overlooking something 😅
  12. Mobile view is now fixed! If you find any bugs, please tell me or make some screenshots... 😉 Mining pool has some minor bugs and my attempts on building the right block header were successful .... but now I have one last issue to solve ... so pool goes hopefully live this week. Regards
  13. I´m currently only hashing with my rtx 2070 @ 1.250 Mh/s but I´m too tired right now to start my other two rigs with each 10 Mh/s 😅 Here in Germany it´s 4:42 in the morning I will leave this until I wake up in some hours ^^ But thank you for the offer, I will write you the address in a PM, If you want to point one rig or so onto the pool to help to find a block 😉 And good night/morning
  14. nice ^^ I need to find a block to prove that everything is working, then I will activate the pool on xaya-gaming 😁 I make an announcement when everything is ok later this day Regards
  15. hmm, I think I solved it ^^ hashed the header with the wrong function ... had to use "sha-256d" Hopefully, I can release the pool on xaya-gaming.net tomorrow with 0% fee for the first month Regards
  16. Ok, by searching in the core daemon files I found these lines so I´m right with setting the algorithm field first (1 byte), then attaching the nBits field (4 bytes) and finally the (80 bytes) fake header with only the hash from "normal header" at byte 37-68 ... Now I think, only the hashing method for the "normal header" is wrong... because I get the log message from daemon: Regards
  17. Oh ... I missed this -.- Thanks will fix this in an hours or so 👍 Regards
  18. thanks, I knew this already 😅 sent a message right before he went off hoped, someone else could give me a hint 😵 EDIT: Why can´t I edit this thread Oo I can edit this post but not the main post ...
  19. Hi, I´m currently working on the mining pool for xaya. So far so good I managed to get a step further and it seems that only one problem is in my way now... The "normal block header" is accepted and parsed into the daemon. The next step defining the mining algo was also successful. But I can´t figure out what the remaining data has to look like. The docs say: Does this mean, that the powdata has two parts? One with the mining algo at byte 1 and the next 4 bytes are the above mentioned nBits field, follow by an empty blockheader (80 bytes) with only the "normal header" based on byte 37-68 ??? Or do I have to put the nBits filed in the "remainder" POW data 80 bytes? But this would mean, that the first part has to be 5 bytes with only the 0x02 flag defining the mining algo? Because the blockheader is only decoded at the daemon when the blockheader is 165 bytes long ... or do I miss something, because the docs say: Regards
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