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  1. I made some research yesterday and I hope I can solve the problem today 👍 Regards
  2. ahh ok 👍 I check my xaya.conf soon thanks I got overall 15Mh/s currently running for xaya on my local net. Using currently 6Mh/s from this to search for a block on the pool. Should not last longer than 10-20 minutes to find a block
  3. lol, maybe I have found the issue with the diffTarget 🤦‍♂️ used the calculated diff number instead of the nbits for the specialPoW diff field... maybe this will work Now I have to wait for the next block to be found
  4. hmm, atm I only get those 8 back from the node Oo but I think more are connected. I do a little bit of research after I get the pool working 👍
  5. No, it´s not down, you have to change the address ... use without https to enter xaya-gaming at the moment 😅 http://www.xaya-gaming.net/ Oh and I see, I forgot to renew the SSL after I set up the server again. But the pool is hosted on a 24-Core-Dedicated-Server with 126gb ram Regards
  6. 🤯 wow, did not know, that the bounty is this high Ok 😅 then I hope, that I can fix this today
  7. Ok, I´m proud to announce, I got the pool almost running. Blocks are accepted but the difficulty calculations seem to fail... When I get this debugging done today, hopefully, the pool should be online in a few hours or maybe one or two days. I will announce the address as fast as I got this error fixed. Heaviest work is done👍 Regards
  8. Hey, I tried but I hang on the invalid coinbase transaction... This weekend I give it another try since @domob can answer me now some more questions. It´s the last problem... when I get this to work, I think the blocks are accepted and the pool is ready Regards
  9. casp0or

    Add new exchange?

    Ok, thank you for the answer. (this was something I didn´t know) Then I hope poloniex.com support can finish their work in a few days. My account on poloniex is working fine 👍 And I definitely trust poloniex more than some Chinese exchange ... Regards
  10. Hi, I want to ask if xaya is listing on some other exchange than liquid ... Created two accounts on liquid, but every time I activated the link in my email, I can´t log in with my password 😐 I don´t want to send them my photo + passport, only to recover my ??lost/false?? password for the first log in 🤬 Regards
  11. Hi, maybe try to set a rpcuser and rpc password in xaya.conf. --> TUTORIAL Or you/your or start something that is blocking the xaya rpcport (8396). Try to set this to a different value: In xaya.conf add after your rpcuser and rpcpassword Then change the port in your miner software and xaya-electron wallet. Regards
  12. @sorji Not really... I think my header is ok, but the transaction (coinbase) is empty -.- But I´m currently debugging the transaction maybe I find the bug today. Regards
  13. Ok, then I try my best to accomplish this task as fast as possible 😁
  14. yeah ... I had to rebuild the whole header with the new specs ... but I think I have an error somewhere in the header. Coinbase is valid but If I send it to the daemon I get coinbase invalid msg. I wrote some debugging into the xaya-client to get the parsed hexdata I´m sending to. I think most of this is ok, but as you can see one transaction (coinbase) is there but it is empty or the daemon can´t parse it because my header is slightly wrong and it cuts the hex on the wrong place and this produces the mess (I think) 😅 @sorji are you working on the same problem? Regards
  15. No, sry but I try to fix this today. One or two bugs are still remaining 😅 But I´m in a good way and think that I get this working today or tomorrow Regards
  16. Hey, I know this is an older conversation, but I found something while researching for the blockheader pool thing. NodeJs can make your C code working in like native JS code 👍 Regards
  17. New Update! @DarkClaw has provided me with some new data 👍 You can now use Xaya-Gaming.net, to view the current and future block reward. In addition to this, we also provide the coin distribution tables from @snailbrain below the block reward. Quick-Link --> http://www.xaya-gaming.net/#blockreward (now working on the pool I try to finish the block header script now, to start mining)
  18. yes because it won´t work out of the box after the fork... I tested it 😅
  19. no sry, I tried to mine a block at block height 400.030 but got "coinbase missing" error. I think it is because of the missing specs for algo etc So I have to build the blockheader myself today with getblocktemplate. If I managed to get this working, I post the pool address here. But I try to do this as fast as possible.👍 Regards
  20. Hello, I´m proud to announce that I finished big parts of my work on xaya-gaming.net. For now, I can only maintain the network stats from @DarkClaw But he managed to get the trade data from liquid.com so I can display them on xaya-gaming.net. (this is a "work in progress" and more data are added over time) Regards casp0or
  21. Ok this was my plan too 😅 don´t know much about stratum either but I created a pool for a friend with new frontend and dig now into the stratum protocol. Everything is written in a language I´m good at. So I think after some approaches I can get this to work. But I thought I can build the BlockHeader myself after your specs and submit it. Maybe I´m not deep enough into this to understand the whole process ... Do I really need the fork for this when I build it after your specs??? Ok ... Back to code ... Trying to understand it 😵 Regards
  22. ok, I misunderstood this, then I have one last question 😅 can´t I use the "getwork" function? I saw that some mining software send a "getwork" POST request but the new pool software does not implement this or is this only for solo mining? (info from xaya specs)
  23. Ok, I think I found the issue The submitted BlockHeader is not as described in your stats and the first bytes of PoW data indicates not the algo ... I don´t think a fork solves this issue because of the multi mining. I try to create a new blockheader validation tomorrow and if it is working, I create a merge request at the "stratum-pool" repository. not present: Regards
  24. I´m currently trying to save the extra nonce for each coin in the DB and apply it to the share/block right before I check against the daemon for a valid block/share. This way it's like the extraNonce is present in the header. But never worked with redis before (reading currently some tuts)... I hope this approach works right out of the box since there shouldn´t be any differences in the way the extraNonce is applied to the validity check
  25. hmm, I discovered that the extraNonce in the header is used to calculate the coinbase ... Maybe I try to create the extraNonce myself or we really have to wait for the fork -.- But I will try to fix this
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