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  1. Hey, I updated my page http://www.xaya-gaming.net with a new design. Stats are parsed as always by @DarkClaw. In preparation of starting my Xaya-Mining-Pool, I´m currently integrating a paper wallet generator and some more stats I hope everything is working as expected so I can release the paper wallet and pool software this weekend. SSL is coming back too 😅 Here are some screenshots: Regards
  2. casp0or


    Hey, I can integrate the paper wallet generator on xaya-gaming.net 👍 I´m currently reworking the site. At least I think, this would be a good addition to the mining pool. (Currently fixing last issues) Regards
  3. Hey, how much do you pay for your energy? Here in germany, it is not profitable anymore with 0.22€ - 0.30€... Regards
  4. Thanks, then I integrate a form to insert this information and start the xayalib. Moving the code from my server to the client was very easy. Now I can finish this. 👍
  5. No, my first approach was to use a server. But I think I can manage to switch over the code from the server to the client. Regards
  6. Hi, I created a little test-game yesterday "rock-paper-scissors". It was my concern too, that the player can view his opponents move. So I decided to encrypt the moves with AES and a secret only visible by the player submitting the transaction and the server. After both have made their moves, the server running my JavaScript-Xaya-Libgame implementation decrypt the hash and insert the real move into the DB, as well as sending it to the players. Regards
  7. Hmm, I´m wondering how to use the local XayaD instance without the need for a username and password or do I have to set this in my game? I created a "rock-paper-scissors" game running on the Xaya-MainNet with javascript, electron, and nodeJs. Everything is working but I don´t know how to send the moves without the need for a "rpcuser" and "rpcpassword" set. How do "treatfighter" or "soccer manager crypto" managing this? Somehow I must be able to send my moves without the authentication or is there another way around this Oo Here are some screenshots: Regards
  8. Kinda, but I think it is not very hard to code GDScript if you are familiar with some coding 👍
  9. Hey, I was searching for some blocks on the explorer and inserted block numbers in increasing order. Then I got this message on block-link -> https://explorer.xaya.io/block/8260015 Maybe a reorg? regards
  10. Yes, but GDScript is very similar to JavaScript so its very easy to learn if you can code some JS 😅
  11. ahh ok ^^ thanks for pointing this out
  12. Just a question ... Xaya can only be merged mined with bitcoin right? Or can I point my little USB miner with some GH/s to mine single blocks? I don´t know much about merged mining but I don´t think this will work or am I´m wrong? 😅 regards
  13. Hey, no I don´t know which framework to choose. But this one is very interesting too, thanks. Maybe I´ll use the GoDot Framework because I´m sort of familiar with this one. Regards
  14. My RTX 2070 with some slight overclock is around 1200kH/s Yes, I think so too. Regards
  15. Thanks, this was the answer I was looking for. So I build a client where all stuff happens👍 I found the tutorial after I wrote this 😅 Regards
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