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  1. Firebll100

    Bug Report

    I played TreatFighter and obtained a Semi Sweet and (2) Bittersweet characters. I raised my ranking to #12 on the list and then I started getting a lot of errors like expeditions that I couldn't claim or it would freeze the game. It was same one that would freeze game. I was able to claim all others I just had to remember which one not to click on or it would freeze up game. I also had a bug where I had a Bittersweet character I had already claimed was still showing up as a kettle pot in my Pantry. It was already claimed but it just stayed in the Pantry. If I clicked on it the game would show me the character as if I just received it but then the kettle would stay there. I ended up deleting game and downloading it again. I was able to get (2) Bittersweets and was on my way to playing once again. I got up to #53 on the ranking and was excited to play again but then now the game today just shows me there is a crash error and won't let me in. Game is frustrating if you put work into it grinding those expeditions and waiting forever to see if someone will join a tournament with you and then for it to crash or bug out and then you have nothing.
  2. Firebll100

    [POLL] Tell us about YOU!

    I see myself as a gamer as I love to play games. I'm also an avid crypto enthusiast. I'm up to date on most of the crypto news.
  3. Firebll100

    Pick your party!

    Part 1 for sure!
  4. Firebll100

    How much do you spend on games per year?

    I spend too much. But it's fun to get all the games and play with your friends. Better than spending money on other habits.
  5. Firebll100

    What is your favourite platform for games?

    Playstation! Oh yeah
  6. Firebll100

    What video game genre is your favourite?

    FTW! World of Warcraft