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  1. Last Xaya Electron version 1.2.4 for Windows creates hundreds of thousands of files under the folder AppData/Local/Temp . These files have names as in the following format: xid.exe.MachineName.user.log.INFO.date.number; are betwenn 1kb and 3kb in size, and are text files that contain error messages such as "No PendingMoveProcessor has been set, disabling pending moves in the ZMQ subscriber" and other kind of error messages as well. Deleting these files from the disk takes a lot of time since there are thousands and thousands of them. This is when using Xaya for mining, but probably also happens when playing. So it seems like logging all kinds of error messages is enabled by default (not sure if there is an option to disable this on the configuration file). Could you please remove the creation of these files in the following version. It did not happen in the previous version. Many thanks.
  2. Mining difficulty has tripled during the last few weeks. Hopefully the price will do the same!
  3. Ah, ok, I see there are server PSUs already including those boards plus cables on ebay.
  4. @snailbrain Where can you get those boards you plug into the HP PSUs?
  5. Do you have a distribution graph over the years, halving periods if any (for CHI mining)… Is the distribution formula equal to Bitcoin? Thanks
  6. This is interesting: https://www.coindesk.com/one-musicians-creative-solution-to-drive-asics-off-monero/
  7. There is also more info about C11 here: https://coinguides.org/c11-algorithm-miner-coins/
  8. There is also a version of ProgPOW (the latest in ASIC resistance algos) already incorporated into a coin, Bitcoininterest. https://github.com/BitcoinInterestOfficial/ProgPOW https://www.bitcoininterest.io/ I believe its the first coin integrating this ASIC resistant algo. It could be worth to research if it is a good match for Xaya. I am not a user or miner of that coin but have read good things about the ProgPOW algo, which is really the latest attempt at ASIC resistance. I believe Xaya has very experienced developers able to choose the best algo for GPU able to ASIC resist for a year or even more in order to reduce the code maintenance and number of forks needed in the future as domob explained. I am not a fan of any specific algo but just trying to help make the best choice possible in order to reduce the number of changes in the future.
  9. It makes sense to have both an ASIC merged mining (SHA256 as now) and a CPU/GPU (as much ASIC resistant as possible) algo. The second will be very welcome by those gamers who use GPUs and could use those from time to time to earn a few Xaya. ? It seems a win/win strategy for mining as originally designed by Xaya. Also its a good time to replace Neoscrypt by a new one. This second algo could be rotated every few months if needed to discourage ASICs.
  10. After the neoscrypt ASIC news, Xaya should change the POW algo to a more ASIC resistant one. Probably x16s, x17, Cryptonightv7(monero) or ProgPOW? Any other algos out there? Here is a summary from ProgPOW: https://github.com/ifdefelse/ProgPOW
  11. Hi there Lemmon, It seems you have attached (included in your message) our Spanish translation by mistake. You should upload and include your Portuguese file instead. Please check it out.
  12. Please find enclosed Spanish translation. es.txt Xaya Chi Address: CbMoAX5LcftYTzfhoRzS3wSmg1hizz1Wyb Let me know if you need anything else. I will be happy to maintain it for future versions as well. Many thanks.
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