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  1. Hi guys, p/PandaBoss here. After playing TF for several days, I have some feedback regarding the game. I'm on Windows 10, running v112018. Game mechanics: - You've heard this one before on Telegram, but... We need to be able to destroy recipes! Or even better, to have the option of discarding them from the reward, if we don't want them in the first place. - Not too sure about this one, but I think players should be able to level up outside tournaments (from expeditions or cooking), maybe at a slower rate. Otherwise, one might get stuck if there are no opponents at the right level. Bugs: - Pantry: I noticed that, sometimes, sweetener recipes "jump" from the end to the start of the list and vice-versa. - Pantry: Scrolling through the recipes is glitchy when there's a sweetener recipe at the end of the list. Scrolling past this recipe takes you back to the start of the list. (Very annoying!) I think this only happens when the recipe is in status "Ready to cook". Features: - I'd really like to be able to toggle off the animations when switching screens. They're nice in the beginning, but after a while they start feeling like taking too long. Switching instantaneously between screens should be possible. - Roster and pantry: Would be nice to toggle the display between "cards view" (what we have now) and "list view" (like it is in tournaments and expeditions). - Roster: Some filters would be nice, e.g. filter by: on the exchange | in a tournament | on an expedition | sweetening | free. Also, don't make the filters mutually exclusive, i.e. maybe the player wants to see tournaments and expeditions both at the same time. - Roster: Sorting by remaining blocks would be useful. (I know it's not applicable for all treats, but maybe put those treats where it's not applicable at the end of the list?) - Exchange: Display transaction history. - Goodies store: Give us some sweetener bundles. That's all for now. Keep up the good work!
  2. I have a somewhat related question. Can we get crystals in any other way than by paying for them with CHI? E.g. in-game rewards for doing a high-difficulty tournament/expedition?
  3. It's been stuck in "preparing to cook" for more than 15 minutes... is that normal? Oh well. Update: IT'S HERE!!! 🎉
  4. Desktop PC, console, Android... but I could only choose one so I went with Desktop PC.
  5. I'd expected more love for the simulation genre, currently it's last. I voted Adventure, myself. Wish the poll was multiple choice, I'd have put RPG too.
  6. CVuX5GKfWuzsQwAyZRs3fvb5BscwACFssX Thank you!
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