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  1. Hey Firebll100, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for sticking with it and getting all the way to #12! We totally understand how frustrating it can be to lose progress. That is why we have so much appreciation for your participation in this Beta. Many of these issues simply do not show up without a large amount players and that is why we need players like you to keep hammering away, and unearthing these nasty bugs. We are killing them as fast as we can, in the hopes to have a shiny, new, bug-free Treat Fighter we can share with the whole world. Regarding the bugs you encountered. Any crash reports generated would be greatly appreciated, along with your local system info, and local database. In the future, getting our hands on your database while the issue(s) are still active,, would be supremely helpful. You can always submit tickets with attachments to our CS portal, which you can get to via the "?" in game. Thank you again for your beta participation and happy bug hunting! - Jon
  2. Hey all, We are slow rolling into Open Beta. ANYONE can play during this new Beta phase. We just need to increase the number of players to try and flush out any lingering critical issues. You will need the Xaya Electron Wallet and of course some CHI. You will also need the latest Treat Fighter client, which you can get here. Please post any bugs here or in the Xaya Telegram channel. The game will be reset AT LEAST once (meaning you lose progress and purchases), before true Open Beta commences. The full Open Beta phase will include CHI prizes for top players. Stay tuned for dates and details! Thank you and we hope you enjoy, Jon
  3. If you alt-tab away while a tooltip is up, it won't go away. Low Clicking JOIN NOW in Tournaments sometimes adds the tournament, but the join panel stays open making it look like nothing happened. Low BONUS MOVE REWARDS: flashes and disappears in Tournament results dialog around block height changes. Low Scrolling in My Recipes is erratic. Pantry notifications are not showing up When expeditions are in progress, the expedition window dings when you switch to it. If I switch accounts, I can hit the bottom button for whatever screen I'm on again and it will re-activate that screen. Anytime we can get to the treat fighter 'picker' and it would be empty, the button which would open that screen should be disabled. The treat rotation slider is broken in a bunch of screens. Again. Time for plan b? (plan b.1 - come up with plan b) SFX for tournament win/lose and collect expeditions are not on the SFX bus. The sync failed trigger/message should ensure it's running on the main thread before doing anything with GameObjects. High If you have a fighter sweetening and another sweetener of the same type, it will show Ready To Cook. The notification ding is going off randomly for me now.. Don't know why. Have no notifications. Some machines are experiencing slowdown to the point of OS crash, during sync. High The error prompt for collecting rewards with recipes while the pantry is full, has the wrong paths set High We need to not allow people to leave the first tournament. There are instances where rating and sweetness at the end of a tournament do not make sense.
  4. Treat Fighter is a collectible game where you gather resources (Candy), Cook up Recipes to create little Treat Fighters and compete with other players. Set in the post-apocalyptic fantasy world of Canedoom, players take on the personas of mighty wizard Overlords who can collect Candies and Recipes by sending their Treats off on Expeditions, or to the Treat Fighter Tournaments to compete in battle against other Overlords' Treats. Generally speaking, Expeditions return more Candies and Tournaments return more Recipes. There are lots of rare Candies and Recipes in the Canedoom, and we will be releasing new batches (and removing old ones) every few months. Make sure collect them all! And of course Overlords can also Buy and Sell Treats on the Exchange. For the sake of clarity, we should explain that there is no interactive combat in Treat Fighter. Treats each have their own set of battle Moves and each Move has one of five Move types. Combat is decided via a rock paper scissors mechanic, based on Move Types. On the tech side, Treat Fighter’s unique design allows it to run 100% on the blockchain, entirely without servers, no matter how many players are playing the game. No servers means no downtime and uninterrupted gaming for players all over the world. Everything in Treat Fighter is built on and verified by the blockchain. Players have 100% ownership of their game accounts and assets with everything being tracked and verified via always-on, fraud-proof blockchain technologies.
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